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How to Write a Essay

Essay writing is not a new experience in a student’s life, as writing essays whether short or long, begin with his education. It is an interesting experience for some, a mind boggling one for others. In both the cases, it is an integral part of a student’s academic life. An Essay is defined in the Ninth Edition of the Concise Oxford Dictionary as “a composition usually short and in prose, on any subject”. It can also be defined as a statement of personal views, ideas and thoughts in an organized form on a particular topic in an interesting manner.

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You can study many essay writing examples and find out that shorter essays are considered better especially for school and college students.

Myth: Longer Essays Are Better:

Essay writing in English is just an art. Oftentimes students get carried away thinking that the length of an essay they write will be directly in proportion to the marks they score. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. Remember quality is much more important than the length of an essay. The basic essence of the topic gets lost in the limitless and mediocre writing that an amateur writer attempts. Here are a few tips to help you write a clear and to the point essay.

Essay Writing Topics:

Choose your topic very carefully. How excited and passionate you are about a topic will reflect in your writing. If the writing doesn’t give you joy, it will be a miserable experience for both you and the reader. Go through some essay writing samples and find out the way to add topics.

Essay Outlines:

Once you have decided on a topic, make an outline for your essay. Clear writing and clear thinking are inseparable.

Essay structure are not just a bunch of ideas thrown together to create sentences. Instead these ideas are bound together and conveyed in an orderly and logical manner, making it easier for a reader to understand.

Shorter But Interesting Introduction:

How to write essay introduction? Begin your essay with a short and interesting introduction. A good beginning makes for a good ending. State the main idea of your thesis statement in the first paragraph and discuss the strongest points of your argument. Arguments with less strong supporting evidence should be presented in a descending order.

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If you consider the examples of essay writing you will find that introduction is generally the most appealing part of an essay.

Give Life To Your Essay:

Essay writing topics are not always interesting, add details that bring your essay alive. However, too many details will make it hard for the reader to focus on the important ones. So it is up to you to choose the better option.

Use Simple Words:

Always use short and familiar words and expressions instead of new, difficult or odd words. You might be able to show off your vocabulary but in the end, the reader will only be able to understand a third of the essay.

Write With Patience And Clarity:

Have clarity and patience, write with full energy. A good essay writing cannot and should not be rushed. Students often procrastinate, leaving the essay writing up until the last hours and try to jolt down whatever they can come up with. Conveying our ideas and thoughts in a clear and concise manner that can be easily understood by the readers is the main goal of writing an essay.

Avoid Repeating The Phrases:

Do not repeat sentences or phrases. The use of repetitions and substandard details in a poor manner will make the reading experience boring and painful for the reader.

Rough Draft Of Essays:

Make a rough draft of your essay. Edit it. Edit it once again. Pre-writing, re-writing, editing and revising are the basic techniques by which a logical order is given to the essay.

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If there is a sentence that can be removed without affecting the flow of the essay, cut it out. The first draft can never become the finalized work until and unless you proof -read it once or twice.

Write As A Challenge

When you think of writing as a challenge instead of a chore, you will automatically find your writing style to have become more interesting and attractive. The essay will become your identity. An author is known due to his writing skills; they can either make you or break you. So make sure whatever you write brings you peace, if not the respect you deserve; as there is nothing more painful for a writer to have a story burning inside him with no means of being told.

Tips To Write Better And Flawless:

There are some mistakes which you need to avoid while writing essays. Essay writing is an art which is so old and many of the students often become dumbfounded when they are asked to write essays on any given topic. Students need to be taught the basic principles and no matter what whether essays topics are easier or complicated, they need to be taught some tips to expertise this skill there are some common mistakes which students make while writing the essays.

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The mistakes cause essays to appear full of errors and hence the authenticity of that particular essay is lost. This will cost marks and grades to many students. Here are some tips which can help students to avoid such mistakes.

1.Title And Punctuation Marks:

The first and foremost mistake which students make it putting the question mark or full stop or period in the topic of the essay. It is an error and shows lack of essay writing skills. There are however some debatable topics where question marks can be used. Avoid any other types of punctuation marks in the title.

2.Confusion Between School, College and University Essays:

The essays differ in length. If you are in school generally shorter and to the point essays would be appreciated. For university students the essays are supposed to cover various aspects of the topic and hence length is acceptable. Avoid mixing the requirement of length at different levels. If the examiner has allocated a word limit, try sticking to it and follow the recommended method.

3.Essay Full Of Arguments:

Sometimes, if the word limit is only 500 words, the arguments are supposed to be kept shorter. In this case, if too many arguments are stuffed in the piece of writing it will make the essay unnecessarily long and hence it will lose its worth. This further makes the essays unattractive and the readers fail to follow it since the number of facts and figures jumble together.

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In this case, it is a matter of common observation that students concentrate of quantity more than quality and hence they try to add some unnecessary details. By doing this, the essays become confusing and pointless. In this way, it can be said that a shorter and precise essay is an ideal one and hence it can impress the examiner more.


All the ideas and phrases of an essay cannot be original and unintentionally the inspiration has to be gathered from somewhere else. Being inspired by someone’s work and copying it entirely is two different things. It is therefore essential for a writer to keep it free of plagiarism. In the world of academics the plagiarism is frowned upon it is essential to give due credit when needed.

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All the institutions mention the referencing styles and hence it is always important to follow the referencing styles with proper citation and quotes wherever and whenever essential. You can use turnitin similarity checker that is the best in the market to get the best results and it makes sure to check all online database and sources.

5.Spelling Mistakes In The Essays:

Since technology has made everything easier, to make common especially typographical errors is considered a sin. There are a lot of mistake highlighting software and auto correct options. You need to be very careful while writing essays as spelling mistakes if any can ruin the impression.

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No grammatical or spelling mistakes should be seen in the writing and auto correct applications are there to make it sure. Sometimes, on the other hand, computers are after all machines and they can go far in this regard. Some mistakes go unchecked such as “whether or weather”. Hence it is always essential for a writer not to rely on the auto corrects and try to proof read all the work. Auto correct cannot point out the fault in sentences where the words used are spelled correctly in their own ways.

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While writing you need to learn the differences between ‘they’re’ and ‘their’, ‘weather’ and ‘whether’, ‘effect’ and ‘affect’ since it is a matter of common observation that students get confused by these words and in this way they fail to impress their readers.

Try to write simpler and smaller sentences, no need to add complex or complicated words since essay is a test of your writing skills and creativity, and the examiner will not check your vocabulary in it. When the sentence has a lot of commas and writers add them without any need the actual meaning of the phrase becomes difficult and reader will take a lot of time to understand it and hence the credibility is lost.

6.Unnecessary Use Of Jargon’s:

As far as essay writing is concerned the right use of language has a good and huge impact on the impression of a writer. Try to avoid the specific and technical Jargon’s unless you are writing for the targeted or specific audience. Try to add the simple words so that everyone gets the concept easier. Try to differentiate between simple and overly simpler words. Try to add the words which you feel are more appropriate for your essay. Consider yourself in the shoes of the audience before finalizing the work.

7.Proofreading Is Essential:

Before submitting your work, you always need to go through it once. No matter how focused you have been while writing, there could be some errors and foolish mistakes in the content. Editing is therefore essential. You need to proof read your document with full focus and attention. As you do proof reading you will also come to know about any missing point from the essay.

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You can seek help from essay writing helper for the sake of practice. The good editors are those who critically read the work and never hesitate to point out the mistakes for the sake of improvement. Creative Savants has professional proof-readers of all professional fields at the tip of their fingers. They’ve got the solution to all your essay writing needs so go ahead and give them a try.

8.Some More Tips For Better Writing:

No one is perfect, a lot of time and exercise is needed to achieve perfection. Essay, paragraph or content writing becomes easier with time. Here are some tips to write better and flawless essays:

1. Your content is supposed to be incredible and for this purpose you need to write simple and flawless. For this purpose you will need to understand the basics of writing and the main principles of writing. It has to be kept in mind that better writing is the simple writing without complications. This does not mean you require getting admission in Ivy League university offering some prestigious program for creative writing. It surely means that you should know and understand the grammar and its basics as well punctuation and spellings

2. If you are looking to get better in any art especially writing, you need a lot of practice. The more you write you will learn from the previous mistakes and with the passage of time there will be a tremendous improvement in your work. There are some shortcuts as well which you can take and become an amazing writer in a short time. You can get some help from the books and online tutorials to get best style.

3. It is also proven that those who are good readers and spend more time in reading tend to write well. These writers unintentionally follow the writing style of their favorite writers and in the end they produce something unique and captivating. Hence try to spend a lot of time in reading and find out the best qualities of the writers you like.

4. You need to discuss with your friends and coworkers about the weaknesses and flaws in your writing. Your friends sometimes spot the mistakes which you have overlooked unintentionally. Hence it is always great to have a good partner to keep going and to hold yourself accountable.

5. Many people are there who read the sites and online blogs since they find the material appealing and interesting. On the other hand, few people understand the reason why the blogs are so appealing and they tend to adopt the same style. Try to find out the things which you actually liked and try to add the same style in your content. Also note the transition of writer from one subject to another and try to apply all the techniques in your writing.

6. For a blank page the blinking cursor is a considerable enemy even for the writers with huge experience. Always try to sketch the outlines of whatever you are planning to write before starting with your pen. As most of the writers have a solid plan in mind before writing anything. Hence, outlines are helpful and you will not skip some important thing from your work if you have a flow sheet for your work.

7. If you want to be unique, try to write what you think. It is particularly important for writers to discover their inner voice and if they are shy in sharing their personal thoughts they will fail to make their work interesting.

8. All these simple instructions can be helpful while writing the essay. All you need is confidence and a lot of knowledge about the topic.

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