make essay writing process more effective

5 Simple Ways to Make the Essay Writing Process More Effective

It’s a well-known fact that essay writing is one of the most annoying tasks. Millions of students from all over the world are looking for additional help. They don’t want to waste their free time on this boring task. However, this job has to be done. We decided to consider some simple pieces of advice on making the writing process more effective.

Is it possible to make the essay writing process easier?

Fortunately, there are dozens of different services and websites, which can make your life significantly easier.

Essay writing services

There are hundreds of professional essay writing companies on the Internet. All of them are looking for clients and are ready to do everything possible to please your needs. Just type “do my essay or write my essay”, for example, and you will get numerous results. These companies hire professional English-speaking authors to ensure the highest level of quality. Of course, these services are not free of charge but the price is still affordable. We recommend you to visit these websites to discover additional information.

Essay writing services

If you are not sure that a particular company is reliable enough, you should read reviews written by previous customers. Fortunately, there are a lot of forums or blogs, which gather this kind of information.


It’s a “must-have” of any writer nowadays. Of course, professional authors always proofread their articles but there are no guarantees that you didn’t miss something. Grammarly can solve this problem. It’s a specially created service that proofreads and edits your paper. It’s absolutely free. You can buy the premium account to get additional great functions but the basic package of services is available for everyone. There is no need to load new software. Just add the special Google Chrome extension and enjoy it.

Focus at will

There are also a lot of students who live in dormitories. It could be difficult to produce a high-quality paper if you have a lot of distractive factors. If you have this problem as well, you can refer to Focus at will. This website gives you access to specially created songs that increase your attention and effectiveness. It’s really useful because it helps ignore other noises as well. Focus at will is free as well but the number of songs is limited. Pay to get full access.

 Stay Focused and Freedom

We understand that it’s impossible to stay focused in 2020. Your mobile phone is the entry to numerous videos, interesting chats with friends, news and so on. We are sure that you have at least several group conversations and you get dozens of notifications every hour. According to the study, the average American usually spends almost three hours on a mobile phone every day. It’s more than 45 days a year!

So, how to ignore these notifications? Is it possible to restrict mobile phone use during the writing process? Yes, it is. Use Freedom or Stay Focusd to solve your problem. This service gives you an opportunity to block some websites for a particular period of time. Get rid of your devices for several hours. This is an extremely useful app, that’s why don’t forget to use it.

TED and YouTube

Of course, these services are extremely popular nowadays but people usually use them just for fun. They just want to watch something during lunch or before going to bed, for example. However, TED and YouTube are like endless sources of useful information. There are a lot of interesting speakers, including doctors, scientists, successful entrepreneurs, travelers and so on. All these people have a lot of experience and you can borrow some exciting ideas to use them while writing your article.


If you realize that you don’t have enough knowledge to produce a high-quality paper, you can refer to Coursera. It’s possible to use this service to discover something new quickly. This service provides a lot of study courses in different fields of study, including biology, nursing, medicine, chemistry, philosophy, law and so on. You can use all of them to fulfill your gaps.

Therefore, you should not consider essay writing like an ordinary task. It is difficult and you have to work hard to get the best result. However, if you have enough time and you are a hard-working student, you will manage to solve this problem. Just stick to our simple pieces of advice to make life better and easier.

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