tips for better writing

Tips for Better Writing

To a lot of people across the globe writing is intimidating especially for the people who don’t write for living and who don’t write regularly. The writing is a simplest task and should not be agonizing at all and anyone can enhance his writing skills in English with little patience and discipline. How to write well? The key to better writing is a willingness to learn and improve. You will find a lot of English writing tips and tips to write in other languages at internet. If you want to become a better writer and impress your readers and looking for tips for writing goals, here are some of the ways which can improve your better writing skills.

Brush Up on the Basics

Your content is supposed to be incredible and for this purpose you need to write simple and flawless. For this purpose you will need to understand the basics of writing and the main principles of writing. It has to be kept in mind that better writing is the simple writing without complications.

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This does not mean you require getting admission in Ivy League university offering some prestigious program for creative writing. It surely means that you should know and understand the grammar and its basics as well punctuation and spellings. Everyone who is interested in writing should learn the art of good and creative writing with the help of some books. One of the book “The Elements of Style” written by Strunk is very helpful to enhance the writing skills.

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This book is regarded as the most comprehensive resources and guides how to use grammar correctly and how to create a unique content. You can find other helpful topics in the book as well. If you are looking for some online helping resource for good writing you can use Grammar Girl and Merriam Webster. There are some online exercises to improve writing skills which can be used to learn the art of writing. Hence, if you want to enhance your writing skills in English, don’t feel embarrass in seeking help from books. Those who read good quality books can ultimately write well.

How to write well?

If you are looking to get better in any art especially writing, you need a lot of practice. The more you write you will learn from the previous mistakes and with the passage of time there will be a tremendous improvement in your work. There are some shortcuts as well which you can take and become an amazing writer in a short time. It has to be noticed that the most famous and talented writers of the world had to learn this art over many years. Writing is particularly harder if you are creating SEO based content and you are looking forward to drive more traffic to your post.

How to write like a professional

If you are really interested in enhancing your writing skills, you need to write on regular basis as it will diminish your fears and also allow you to develop a unique style which might be very impressive for your readers in the future. Don’t worry, even if no one is reading your work, keep writing and stay in practice. Practice is the key to perfection.


Reading a lot is a key

The keen readers turn into the best writers. Those who read regularly tend to learn and adopt the style of good authors. So the easiest way to learn good writing is to read a lot. Don’t restrict your reading to blog posts; try to diversify what you read as this will expand your horizons to some materials which are far more challenging. Also while reading you needs to pay attention to the sentence structure and choice of words the writers have used. When you read more you will ultimately learn the art of expressing the things beautifully and the mistakes which are supposed to be avoided.

Find a partner for you in writing

If you are working in a good company with reasonable size, you will find a companion. In your company there would be at least a person who like you is looking to become a good writer. Though writing is not a group task, it is a solitary activity but having a good companion will help you to discuss the positives and negatives in the writer’s work.

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Your companion can also give you a much needed feedback about your work. With the help of this feedback regarding how to improve your writing skills you can master the art of writing but again patience is required. You can also get help from some people and websites offering English writing tips to achieve perfection in English writing.

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You need to discuss with your friends and coworkers about the weaknesses and flaws in your writing. Your friends sometimes spot the mistakes which you have overlooked unintentionally. Hence it is always great to have a good partner to keep going and to hold yourself accountable.

Take a night class or proper writing workshop

Joining a writing workshop can be highly beneficial since many people balk at the concept of standing in front of strangers packed room and baring their soul to them. You do not always need to have incomplete novel in your desk to join the class or workshop.

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Now days, there are various classes and workshops offering meet ups of content writers and professional development groups. This is becoming a popular trend all across the globe. You can search for the content marketing group at internet and the writing workshops around you at internet to enhance your writing skills. Present your work there; get the feedback from the group.

Slice up the style of writing you admire

Many people are there who read the sites and online blogs since they find the material appealing and interesting. On the other hand, few people understand the reason why the blogs are so appealing and they tend to adopt the same style.

You can have a collection of all the blog posts which you find attractive and get their print out. The next step might sound like an old school teacher but it is very helpful. Take a pen and highlight the material you loved such as few sentences, phrases and their turns, some paragraphs etc.

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Try to find out the things which you actually liked and try to add the same style in your content. Also note the transition of writer from one subject to another and try to apply all the techniques in your writing.

Try to copy the writers you love

The imitation is not the same thing as plagiarism. Imitation in terms of writing style could be helpful for you. Make a list of blogs which you read more often. You often tend to read the same writers regularly. Try to find out the most interesting aspect of their work this keeps you engaged in reading.

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Try to match your writing skills with them for the better improvement in your writing skills. There are certain things which you can inquire in the work of your favorite writer. Does he use the humor in his attempt to spice up the boring topics? Or to make their work more entertaining do they use pop culture? Find out these simple things in their work and you will find out the way to write better.

When you start writing first, you will unintentionally imitate some of your favorite essay writers and non fiction writers. Many times you will fail in this attempt as well. But with some experience and learning, you will feel that you are eventually developing your own style of writing. In this way we can say that reading the work of your favorite writers and noticing the way they created their work is always immensely helpful to you as a writer.

Outlines are friendly

For a blank page the blinking cursor is a considerable enemy even for the writers with huge experience. Always try to sketch the outlines of whatever you are planning to write before starting with your pen. As most of the writers have a solid plan in mind before writing anything. Hence, outlines are helpful and you will not skip some important thing from your work if you have a flow sheet for your work.

Try to keep the outlines simpler; complex outlines can trouble you during work. Make a simple framework of the things you want to add as per sections or particular order. Also write a short sentence about what you will write in each section.

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In case of more complicated topics of writing your outlines might be complex as well hence the short sentences would remind you about what to add in a particular section. It would be just like having a map while driving your car at an unknown road trip. Whenever you feel lost, you can refer back to the outline and get back to the work.

Ruthlessly edit your task

When you write on regular basis, you ultimately gain more confidence and work efficiently. Soon you will become your own critic. For the beginners editing is always a tough skill to learn since they have to place huge value on time and energy while writing.

On the other hand, when you write a lot it is almost the same as rewriting and this is the point where editor’s hard eye will serve you. Read your work carefully and try to find out when to delete or rewrite something. As a result of little effort your work will be much stronger and error free.

Initial drafts are always crap

The writers who are experienced make this look so convenient. Once you have read your favorite post, it is always tempting to consider your favorite writer turning in effortlessly in incredible posts with fewer efforts before spending a lot of time studying obscure books in some café.

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This is not something the way good writing works and you need to acknowledge this fact. It is always ok for the first draft to be a crap. No one can produce masterpiece in first attempt and if you fail as well in doing this don’t beat yourself up. Take a piece of paper, write your ideas on it and start to clean up. Even the best writers of the world have to spend their time on rewriting and when reading they realize that it is embarrassing to show this work to others.

A good editor is needed

How to improve writing style? When you are working to create the content strategy case to your manager, or if you are looking forward to start writing for your favorite sites, it is always important for you to have a good editor and in this way you can always enhance your better writing skills. There are a lot of editors, fresh and experienced ones but remember that the best editor for you is the one who points out why something isn’t working.

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The one who points out your mistakes in a positive manner can be very influential in your writing career. It is not easy to give permission to someone to check your work and some writers find it too brutal especially when they are at beginner’s state but it is always important to accept constructive criticism regarding your work. The writers generally are those people who are desperately in need of someone who assures them of their creative skills. If you are serious about your work, you can get a good editor and learn to accept their criticism as it is a ladder to success for you in a long haul.

Avoid unnecessary words

How to develop writing skills in the students? Most of the beginners commit another mistake of adding unnecessary words and complex sentences; they do it to sound more authoritative. Even some experienced writers commit the same mistake.

If you read the tips for good essay writing you will find in most of the cases there is a great impact of shorter sentences. Ernest Hemingway wrote a six word story, “For Sale: Baby shoes, never worn”. Brevity is a powerful tool which is clearly depicted in these six words provided it is used with perfection and accuracy. It is not necessary to write more words to get to your point. You can also search for tips for writing novels if you are interested in this particular field.

Strolling down the memory lane

Finding some tips for better writing? Here is another key point for you. For those who have been writing professionally for some years, most of them feel cringed when they look back at their early work.  This also gives them the indication of how far they have come and how much excellence they have achieved till the date. Writing is a fun and it should always be.

The most satisfying part is seeing your progress and estimating how much progress you have made with the passage of time. Hence, always try to re-read your earlier work every now and then and feel pride in what you have learned. Self appreciation is just like a medicine; appreciate you for this hard work and learning.

Never be scared of saying whatever you think

It is a matter of fact that at web most of the content is dreadfully boring and bland. One of the main reasons behind it is that many writers only focus on regurgitating the similar stories as everyone else without even bothering to add their opinions. Some writers hesitate to write what they think since they don’t want to get defamed. If you want to be unique, try to write what you think. It is particularly important for writers to discover their inner voice and if they are shy in sharing their personal thoughts they will fail to make their work interesting.

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Make is sure that in your writing there is something worthwhile for the audience. Some writers love to write about their fantasies. You can get the tips for writing fantasy and related topics from some professional writers by reading their work or either by browsing at internet. You will find so many books about tips for writing fantasy and tips for writing dialogues. If you are really interested

Investigative work is essential

It is never considered a good idea to plagiarize the work of someone else, if you do this; it is likely to undermine your credibility. There are some writers who get so eager to be done with their blog posts and for this purpose they tend to take few short cuts. While doing this, mostly writers land them in big trouble with their content marketing manager and editor. Also it gives an amateur feeling about your skills. Everyone makes mistakes so never feel bad for them and don’t spend weeks in cross referencing. Make use of more resources while writing something despite of relying on sites like Wikipedia.

Proof read your work

When you have finished your work, you should take the time to check it. Proof read your work, do the necessary editing carefully. Make it sure that there is a logical flow of your piece from one point to the next. Be fully focused while writing and proof reading your work and avoid distractions. It doesn’t mean you need to take weeks in writing and proof reading but try to finish the things within the deadlines.

Remember that your piece of writing cannot be perfect always, you should be aware of the right time to let it go. In the content marketing it is essentially important since you won’t often get the luxury of crafting beautiful blogs with evocative imagery. Once you are habitual of writing, you will gain more confidence and writing becomes easier and faster as well.

It is always better to not rush essay writing. When you think your essay is finished, put it aside for a few days so that if you think of something new to add, you won’t regret submitting your work early. Also remember to revise your paper evidently and make sure the entire essay flows easily and that the paragraphs are in a logical order.

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