How Writing has changed the World

How Writing has changed the World

How writing has changed the world?

Before learning to mark their ideas down for posterity humans had been speaking for hundred thousand years. On the clay tables some book keeping symbols were found and it was known that writing existed thousands of years back. The technical dividing line is represented by the presence of written sources between prehistory and history. It started at various times depending on the part of the globe where one is studying.

How has writing changed the world?

In many places across the globe, it is thought that writing started at the ancient civilization era and it emerged from the primitive communities. These communities used to keep the record of their property and other assets with the help of special markings.

When the memory faded and failed:

Why did Mesopotamia create a writing system?

Life became complicated when ancient people called Mesopotamians started settling down onto the surrounding farms across first cities. Expertise is needed in agriculture and a lot of data is to be kept under record. As per many experts, these elements led directly to the writing invention. Many history experts agree at this point.

The temple officials used pictograms to keep the record of city grain’s inflows and outflows along with some animal stores. Since they were big enough and it was so unreliable to make counting of these things by memory. These are regarded as the very first examples of writing.

Standardized symbols were used as well by some officials into the soft clay tablets to represent commodities with a pointed reed with wedge shaped cutting. It is believed by many archaeologists that this was the first form of writing and is called “cuneiform”. For the representation of sounds some signs were later introduced and within a short time all the Mesopotamia able to write notes and make their activity lists etc.

Few thousand years later, throughout the region the variations scattered and writing schemes were followed by entire ancient world. As a result of it there was a considerable improvement in economy, accountability of government and many linked areas. What was lost with the invention of writing? People started maintaining their records in the written form and hence they were not supposed to keep everything in their memory.

Literacy and writing:

In the ancient times, reading and writing was only for few people and it was not for masses. On the other hand, writing became a specialized profession in Mesopotamia and Egypt and it was considered as a profession of elite class. In most of the societies literacy remained a privilege of aristocratic males especially till the earlier 19th century.

This was the time when public awareness and education gained popularity and became more widespread all across the globe. It also means that as compared to the human experiences before the invention of writing the historical period is exponentially better understood, the written things we study are generally about the elite class according to the history experts.

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If you are fond of writing, you would be aware of the fact that there is more power in it. With a good writing you can inspire, motivate and change the minds of masses around you. Even if you are not a writer, you might probably acknowledge how important the writing is. Writing is a fun but not for everyone, everyone however has done it. There are some writers who specialize in creative writing; they do it to portray their creative mind, ideas and feelings. They help others to learn something.

Reading and writing:

Reading is not always a fun for many people around us. But once they discover the stories and articles if their own interest, they start enjoying reading. If the readers get a topic of their own choice, they will continue to read for hours without getting bored. People who get busy in reading learn new perspectives and ideas. They also get their own personal opinion which they tend to share with others. The good readers therefore become very good writers since their head is full of creative ideas and they learn how to inspire others.

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They write better about what they think and feel about the world. They can write poems, songs and essays in much better way as compared to other people. In the same way those who write more tend to read a lot and hence they learn more. The writers who are passionate about reading are often passionate about inspiring change across the globe.

How writing has changed the world:

How writers changed the world?

Writing has changed the world completely around us. It changes the way we view ourselves and how we communicate with others. Because of writing, you can share your ideas to the people and express their passion for changing the world. The writers don’t have to follow the paths which are considered normal. They try to bring a positive change around them.

How writing can change your life?

If you are thinking to change the world with your writing, the recipe is not too hard; you need to be bold enough to share your ideas. Here is a list that represents the accurate path which you need to follow to be a good writer. Follow the tips mentioned below

  • Try to find out your most favorite field and what you are particularly passionate about.
  • Your passion is supposed to be spread and you need to acknowledge it.
  • To share your passion, you need a specific platform as well.
  • Never hesitate to write about what you are particularly passionate about.
  • Try to communicate and connect with the people who share the same passion as you.
  • Learn the ways to get unique, write in such a way that you get noticed.
  • Build a strong community
  • Help your community with all the things you have learned
  • The community should know how to spread their own passions.
  • What are you doing to change the world with your writing?

What are we here for? Actually, you need to find out if you really ever thought about this? This question might be in your mind for a long time. We are not hapless creatures sent to the planet earth to communicate, eat and die. We, human beings are sent on this Earth for a purpose and the main purpose is to make it better. In short, we can say that we are sent here to change the world.

We want to change the world:

Most of the people will agree on this point in one way or other. Everyone among us tries to be good people and we always try to make our contribution to make this earth a better place for living. It is something which is supposed to last longer than the total amount of our breaths. We all are somewhere struggling to create something of value for this planet.

Writing has a power to change the world:

How writing has impacted my life?

If you are writer and writing articles or blog, every time almost you would be getting no comments or shares at your blog posts though you often get email from your readers that your work has inspired them. This is because you have written something and they got inspired. They got bold, adventurous and brilliant as well.

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When life began on earth many a millennia ago, the most intelligent of all creations; the Homo-Sapiens were dwelling in caves, hunting for food and trying to survive one day at a time. Even then, humans communicated with one another, whether it was with the help of grunts, sign language or weapons made out of anything available. As their intelligence evolved, verbal communication came into existence. Somewhere along the line, the idea of sharing their knowledge (however limited it was) with their future generations gave birth to writing.

How to change the world with your writing:

Here are some of the tips which inspire the readers and while writing you need to follow these tips:

Write about what actually matters:

The world around us is constantly changing. The technology is evolving every day. New inventions are being introduced. Have you ever imagined how it contributes to the society over all? What does it indicates us about our culture? It is a high time to acknowledge that reading and writing matters a lot. It is a high time to spend time and thoughts to do the things which ultimately make this world a better living place.

Be passionate about writing:

Not all the things around us get our blood pumping. We need to find out the things which matter the most to us and we are really passionate about. Always write on the topics which fascinate you. Either it is a misery of an orphan or widow or a global warming, you need to have clear concepts about it. You need to determine first the things which you really care about and then write with full confidence and conviction. If you write well with full passion people will get on board with your cause.

Speak the language of readers to inspire them more:

Writing in today’s world is not too complicated. Remember that there you need to be simple with words. If you are using complicated words and your readers fail to understand what you are trying to say, you will fail as a writer since no one is going to get behind your real cause. The readers ultimately give up. Try to spread the message of peace and love since you cannot change hearts with hatred. The most powerful blogs are those which identify both victim and perpetrator.

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We have to persuade people to open up their minds if we want to see a real change around us. Be gentle and firm in your writing style. Always remember that you need to write the things the way people are interested to hear them not essentially the way that you want to write or say. There is a strong influence of creative writing on your readers.

Make your choices and preferences count:

In this world everyone is constantly changing everywhere. While writing, you are directly changing the world. Writing is particularly important therefore since you can make the world better or worse with your words. How writing has changed my life? Writing can change your life as it can make you more concerned about the facts and bold enough to narrate them.

Actionable steps:

Take actionable steps to encourage your readers. Once you fire them up with the cause you are most passionate about. The next question in their mind always is what next? And what to do with newly discovered passion? This is a point where you need to give actionable steps to your readers. There are a lot of benefits of creative writing for adults since you can motivate your readers to do essential research work themselves and to get them started offer them with the useful links. Give examples of the way you inspired change. You need to share the heartfelt stories regarding the way your passion has changed the world into a better place.

Why is writing important?

The basic definition of writing can be explained in very simple terms; it is the medium of communication that humans use representing spoken language or emotion through inscription or recording of signs and symbols.

Historians, as a whole, are of the opinion that history of the world is clearly divided into two categories; Pre-History and Conventional History. Cave paintings and petroglyphs used by pre-historic people can be considered the pre-cursors of writing.  When the nomadic humans evolved and settled down into societies, agriculture and animal farming was discovered.

With the passage of time, the concept of property was made into a reality and life become a bit more complicated than just scavenging for food and finding a dry, safe shelter for the night. With city states coming into existence; trade being introduced and the complexity of maintaining financial records, keeping track of history and administration far outgrew the power of memory, the method of writing down records on a permanent scale came into being.

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And thus, with the advent of writing, the course of history was changed. The Mesopotamians, Egyptians and the Chinese were the most advanced of civilizations that had started using writing as a means of book keeping. We can assume that the oldest form of writing was discovered in Mesopotamia (now known as Iran) dating back to 3600 BC. The Egyptians and the Chinese started the (writing) process in 3200 B.C and 1200 B.C respectively.

Pictograms were the first examples of inscription, mostly used by temple officials to keep track of the inflow and outflow of trade. Soon the pictograms, hieroglyphs and the ancient Chinese characters evolved and changed with the needs of the people. Non-glyph writing systems were introduced that represented the sounds of the language currently being spoken in the area.

What impact does writing have on us today?

Centuries passed and with them, people started using the method of writing for various purposes and in different ways.  The world was being explored, countries and kingdoms were being conquered and thus the need for long distance communication arose. Stone and clay tablets were left in the past and paper, ink and quills were introduced. In this way, written communication was introduced to the common masses. The Chinese were in fact the first to invent paper and (paper making) in 105 A.D. thanks to an official named Chai Lung.

However, in the past, a lay person’s daily errands and responsibilities didn’t allow him/her the benefit or free time required to learn how to read and write; it was a lengthy process and life being so challenging back then, literacy was a privilege and profession available mostly to the male members of the elite class. They were given respect and the chance to monitor state affairs due to their education.

Thankfully, a lot has changed since then. How does writing impact today’s world? Today, we don’t have to hammer out our thoughts on stone tablets or wait months for correspondence with people around the world to take place. With a click of a button, we can access all the information in the world and communicate with a person half way around the world in just under a minute. Need to write a 1000 word (research) paper? Just pop open MS Word and get to it. The only thing harder is proof reading that monster.

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But can you imagine what would have happened, if our ancestors had not realized the importance of writing? We would all be lost to the wonders of the universe. Technology has made anything possible; where once writing was used merely for record keeping and letter writing, now we use it as a means of self-expression.

How does writing affect your brain? We write books, publish newspapers, communicate online and gain immeasurable knowledge through it. Writing has paved the path of success for us human beings and truly made us the most intelligent of all creations. And yet, there are one Billion (yes, you read that right) illiterate people in the world according to UNESCO.

Hopefully, we can come together to change that little fact soon. We can do so by helping our fellow countrymen in gaining the highest level of education that they are able to amass (keeping in mind that not all education is taught through school systems). We have achieved great heights with the development of technology; we can help people with their studies while sitting in the comforts of our homes. In short there is a huge impact of writing on society.

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