what does a Thesis mean

What Does a Thesis Mean?

Thesis Etymology

What does a thesis mean?

The term thesis is a Greek word which means “something to put forth”. In the same way the term dissertation is a Latin word which means discussion. The term thesis was first used by Aristotle.

Thesis definition in writing:

A Thesis is a document which is generally submitted to support contention for a professional degree or any qualification. It is also called dissertation presenting the research and findings of the author. However sometimes, the terms thesis and dissertation are different from each other in such a way that thesis is us used as a part of masters or degree course while for the doctorate programs generally the term used is dissertation. So definition of dissertation is different from thesis.

Sometimes both master’s and doctoral dissertations are referred by using a term called “graduate thesis”. From country to country there is a huge variation in the required complexity and research quality of a thesis or any dissertation. The period of study required is also variable in its duration significantly. A treatise without relation of obtaining an academic degree is sometimes expressed by the term “dissertation”. Thesis is a term which is used as well to refer the claim of a similar task.

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Thesis is something supposed by a well known philosopher and with general opinion it often conflicts. Aristotle used the term thesis to show his contradiction with other philosophers work and to show his own supposition.

What is Supposition?

It is generally an opinion which on the basis of evidence may or may not be true and therefore a solid proof is presented along with it. The outlining of the proofs is therefore the main purpose of the dissertation. It also mentions why there is a disagreement of author with other popular opinions and well known philosophers.

 Thesis statement

What does thesis statement mean?

The thesis statement is generally a complete sentence which is used to express the central idea of the essay or research paper. It normally answers the questions directly, so what does a thesis mean or Thesis statement development needs a precise collection of words to represent the central idea of a complete work. While writing thesis statement students can take help from seniors or web regarding how to write thesis statement step by step.

How to write a Thesis?

The process behind writing a thesis involves gathering information pertaining to the selected topic; data such as facts and figures supporting your arguments. Organize all the relevant material and write a draft according to the guidelines set by your instructors and institutions. The draft should consist of an introductory paragraph, the main body consisting arguments and the conclusion. Keep editing until a strong thesis appears before you in the shape of the essay you have written.

General structure of thesis and thesis presentation Style

What does thesis paper mean?

The thesis or dissertation is sometimes arranged as a monograph and sometimes by means of publication either with or without appended papers. There is however some graduate programs which allow the candidate to present curate published papers collection. A monograph which is simple and ordinary has its own features which include title page, abstract, table of contents, introduction, review of literature, method, outcomes, general discussions and bibliography etc.

In accordance to many areas of study they are different I structure. Sciences, humanities, arts, technology all have different form of thesis. During the publication of thesis, introduction and comprehensive review of the published an unpublished documents are considered.

On the other hand, research project and extended analysis of a topic is reported in dissertation.

What is the meaning of thesis in writing?

The thesis or dissertation structure generally explains the reason, literature’s previous investigation on the topic, and the used methodology along with the current findings of the project. The multiple chapter formats is used by most of the universities across the globe.

How to write a Thesis?


This is an important part of a thesis which includes the topic under investigation, the method which is used, its scope and importance.

Review of literature:

In this part the relevant literature is reviewed and also this section shows how the research issue has been informed with the help of it.

Method used:

This is an important part which explains how the investigation has been designed and what is the purpose of choosing some special data and analysis.


In this part of the thesis or dissertation the findings of investigation are written.

Analysis and discussion:

The findings are analyzed along with discussions. There are generally two major sections of this chapter and these are analysis and discussions.


The final judgment is generally mentioned in this chapter along with the decision reached by the thesis.

Style of Thesis or dissertation

What does graduate thesis mean?

The institutions which are awarding degrees most of the times define their house style and all the candidates are supposed to follow the pattern in their thesis. Along with the specific house styles of institutions, field specific, national and international recommendations are also considered while preparing and presenting thesis. For example ISO7144 is generally the international standard which is applicable. Some other standards include ISO2145, ISO690 for the bibliographic references and for the units and quantities the section standard used is ISO 31.

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This front matter is specified by some older house styles which include the page’s title, its abstract and table of content and all these are supposed to be used in the sequence of separate page number from the main text with the help of Roman numbers. Many new style guides as well as international standards also acknowledge that this particular design pattern can result in confusion where viewers of electronic documents number the pages of the document from page number one.

Hence, the traditional separate number sequence is avoided. The accepting officer is likely to check the requirements of presentation, pagination, layout, color and paper type, size of paper, components and their order, citation etc. After checking this receipt is issued to the candidate.

On the other hand, there is no need of strict international standards always. Some universities in Italy have lesser requirements such as size of character, formatting of page etc.

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Thesis Committee

Why do you write a thesis?

Thesis is generally written to express the A committee for thesis or dissertation is the one that supervises a dissertation of a student. In some countries like United States, the committee comprises of an adviser or supervisor with other two members to keep an eye on the dissertation progress. The examining committee or jury is also functional in most of the cases especially at the time of the oral examination for the thesis.

In many of the well known global universities, students along with the primary adviser are responsible for the selection of committee. Generally the members of this committee are concerned field’s doctors (PhD) and these members are supposed to read the dissertation, mention the required changes to the students and also give their tips for the improvement.
The structure of thesis committee is different across different parts of the globe. Here is how this thesis committee is constituted in these countries:


In Argentina, an academic committee can approve or reject the thesis. The committee comprises of a thesis director, thesis coordinator, evaluate (one or more) from any recognized university in which the students are pursuing the academic program.


In Canadian universities, papers are submitted in fulfillment of undergraduate coursework. Sometimes, when a longer paper is presented at the end of 4 years of bachelor’s program it is called a major paper. In the major universities of Canada the system is under a strong influence of France where students are given the choice in presenting a memoire (which is a shorter synthetic work) and these which comprises of as much as over hundred pages along with citations.

An undergraduate paper or essay is supposed to contain forty pages while for master’s thesis one hundred pages are needed and for PhD two hundred pages are required. There is however a strong variation in terms of discipline, college, kind of program etc.


The term thesis is used for the academic dissertation and for the final work of doctoral candidates it is kept reserved. 100 pages is the minimum page length. Sometimes however it is several times longer. A memoire is required to complete master’s degree in research. In French, the word dissertation is reserved for shorter words normally 1,000-2000.


Abschlussarbeit is the term which is used in Germany for the academic thesis. The basic name to be more specific is arbeit. The length of the thesis for bachelor’s program is normally 40-60 pages while for masters’ the length ranges from 60-100 pages. A thesis can be rejected with a Latin remark such as non-rite, non-sufficient or worst as sub omni canone etc. Numerical grades are often given for the bachelor’s and master’s thesis with 1.0 indicating the best and 5.0 for failure.


In India another name of thesis is a viva voce which in Latin means Live Voice. Generally two examiners are involved in it with student guide and a candidate. One of the examiners is normally from the candidate’s own university and other one is the external examiner and is generally from a different university.


Three types of thesis are there in Italy. One for the Laurea is considered to be equivalent to the Bachelor’s degree in UK while the other one is known as Laurea Magistrale which is equal to the master’s degree of UK. PhD also requires a thesis and is known as Dottorato di Ricerca. The thesis related work is considered as mandatory for the degree completion.


In Pakistan, the final year project is a name given to thesis at undergraduate level. The thesis is completed in the advanced degree years. Through an elaborate written report the undergraduate level project is completed. The work is presented to the committee with an adviser, board of faculty members and students. In some graduate level programs such as MS, students are allowed by some universities to complete their projects of 6 credits and thesis of 9 credits.

For awarding a degree normally one publication is normally required for awarding of degree with thesis it is considered mandatory. On the other hand, a candidate of PhD is supposed to complete his research work to meet the general requirements of dissertation. The research work defense is publicly done.

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Examination of Thesis and where should a thesis appear?

Who has to write thesis?

For many advanced degrees across the globe, one of the requirements is an oral examination which is also called viva voce or just viva. Once the dissertation is finished the submission is made. Presentation by the student is often made public along with some questions which jury asks. In some countries like North America, initial examination takes place at the time when students settle down for their work on dissertation. After the completion of dissertation another oral exam may take place and is known as defense. At some universities across the globe it sometimes is a mere formality while in some other universities students require significant revisions.

How to identify a strong Thesis

Before finalizing and submitting your thesis, proofread it or hire someone else to do it if you do not have the time. A strong thesis is concise, within the word limit, relevant to the topic and the point needed to be made. To check whether your thesis is worth submitting, make sure to:

Place yourself in the shoes of your readers and distance yourself from your writing so that you can spot the mistakes made in the paper.

Ask yourself questions that you think the readers might have. Has your thesis answered all the arisen questions? Were the answers satisfactory? If no, go through it and write it again with the proper content.

Check whether the essay supports your thesis statement or not. If your thesis and the body of your paper do not seem to go together, one of them needs to be changed.

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Check whether all the references used in the paper have been cited properly and according to whichever reference style that is used by your institutions.

The Thesis should be plagiarism-free. That is the most important of all requirements. Avoid taking credit for the work written by other writers.

Examination Outcomes:

The outcomes or results of the examination are immediately given sometimes if examiner is ready for it. In this case, the candidate is likely to get his or her degree at the same time while sometimes it is offered at a later date. In case of later date, the examiners sometimes make defense report. This report is presented to the Postgraduate studies Board or committee. This board then recommends the degree for the candidates. The verdict or a potential decision comprises of the following:

Accepted or pass program with no corrections:

In this case, the thesis is presented by the student and is accepted without any need of further changes. In this way a grade is awarded to the student. In some countries, PhD is sometimes not graded at all.

Revision of the thesis

Sometimes the thesis requires some additional attempts due to some errors. The errors in the thesis are of several kinds such as grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, concept related mistakes, methodology etc, in some cases a thesis may also require an addition of one or more sections etc.

All these problems are supposed to be fixed before the final approval of the thesis. Once the mistakes are fixed, the jury members or thesis supervisors are supposed to make their decisions on the acceptability of the thesis. If they are satisfied they will provide a written confirmation for it. The jury will ask for further revisions if they are not satisfied with the work. In some condition the examiners sometimes sign the thesis with verbal agreement that candidate will revise the thesis with the help of supervisor before it is submitted as a final version.

Requirement of extensive revision:

Sometimes the thesis is supposed to be extensively revised and errors are supposed to be fixed. The evaluation of the thesis is needed along with the defense process from the start and students normally do it with the help of same examiners. The methodological and theoretical issues are the main problems in such kinds of thesis. After the second defense a candidate who is not recommended for the degree is supposed to withdraw normally from the given program.

Unacceptable thesis:

The thesis is rejected and said to be unacceptable and in this case the candidate is supposed to withdraw from the program. The examiners issue this verdict only when the major revisions are needed in the thesis and when examiners clearly mention that candidate is not able to much the needed revisions.

In the institutions of North America, the last two verdicts are rare. There are two reasons of this. For the doctoral candidates to obtain the status, a qualifying examination or a comprehensive examination is typically written by the graduate students along with oral defense. The students passing this qualification exam are often considered capable to complete their scholarly task at their own and are given permission to work on their dissertations.

The second main reason is that, the thesis is reviewed by the members of the advisory committee before recommendation is given to the student to proceed to the defense. In this way if there is a rejection of the thesis, it would be a major failure for the candidate and his supervisor (who has just recognized the low quality dissertation) long before the proceeding of defense. Also it is not common for the thesis to be accepted at the first attempt without any need of revision.

The Thesis should be plagiarism-free. That is the most important of all requirements. Avoid taking credit for the work written by other writers.

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