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Argumentative Essay 2024

In argumentative essay, the writer is supposed to create an argument about a given topic by thoroughly investigating it, evaluating and generating evidence and forming a stance on the topic in a concise manner.

The genre of argumentative essay is often intermixed with expository essay as they are somewhat similar. However, the argumentative essay requires loads of research and re-writing. It is usually assigned as the final year project in several programs and advanced composition courses, therefore requiring detailed, extensive research. Expository essays on the other hand, are shorter in length and are do not require detailed and thorough research. The in-class writing exercises like GED or GRE are based upon expository essays.

Writing an argumentative essay commonly calls for broad research of literature and the already published material. Argumentative essay writing may likewise require direct research where the writer gathers information through meetings, overviews, perceptions, or analyses.

Extensive and thorough research permits the student to understand various aspects of the topic and to comprehend various perspectives with respect to the topic chosen so she/he may pick a position and back it up with the proof gathered during research. No matter the extent of research conducted, and time consumed for it, argumentative essay must be following a sound reasoning which will lead to the development of an accurate thesis.

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A Comprehensive Argument

Maybe it is useful to think about an argumentative essay as a discussion or conversation with a schoolmate. If I somehow managed to examine the reason for World War II and its present impact on the individuals who survived the wild time, there would be a start, center, and end to the discussion. Indeed, if I somehow happened to end the discussion in my subsequent point, questions would emerge concerning the current impacts on the individuals who survived the conflict. Along these lines, the argumentative essay must be finished, and consistently thus, leaving no uncertainty concerning its argument or aim.

The Five-Paragraph Essay

A typical technique for composing an argumentative article is the five-paragraph approach. However, this, in no way, shapes or forms the main recipe for composing such articles. The technique comprises of (an) an initial section, introduction (b) three evidentiary body paragraphs that may incorporate conversation of restricting perspectives and (c) a conclusion.

Longer Argumentative Essay

Complex issues and itemized research call for unpredictable and definite articles. Argumentative essays talking about various examination sources or observational exploration will unquestionably be longer than five passages. Writers may need to talk about the setting encompassing the topic, wellsprings of data and their believability, along with the various suppositions on the issue before finishing up the article. A significant number of these variables will be controlled by the task.

Following factors must be taken into consideration to develop a comprehensible structure of argumentative essay.

A defined and clear thesis statement that should occur In the first paragraph of essay

In the main section of an argumentative essay, the context should be set by inspecting the topic chosen in an overall manner. Next the writer ought to clarify why is this topic significant (exigence) or why the readers should think about the issue. In the end, students should introduce the thesis statement. It is fundamental that this thesis statement be properly limited to follow the rules set out in the task. On the off chance that the student doesn’t ace this part of the writing, it will be very hard to make a convincing or powerful article.

Smooth and clear transitions between the introduction, body and conclusion parts of the essay.

Foundations of the essay are held together by the smooth flow of the writing. A logical progression of thought will ensure that the reader is following the writing, therefore preventing the structure to collapse. While making a transition, it should be kept in mind to wrap up the thought from the previous section and acquaint the point of discussion that is to appear in the following segment.

Evidential support included in the body paragraphs

In a single paragraph, only one general idea should be discussed and also preferably limited to one paragraph. This will provide direction and clarity throughout the essay. Likewise, such succinctness makes it simple to understand the writing. Note that each section in the body of the article must have some coherent association with the thesis statement in the initial paragraph. A few passages will straightforwardly uphold the thesis statement with proof gathered during research. It is likewise essential to clarify how and why the proof is supporting the thesis (warrant).

Notwithstanding, argumentative writings ought to consider and clarify varying perspectives with respect to the subject. Contingent upon the length of the task, students ought to devote a couple of paragraphs of the argumentative article to shed light on clashing sentiments on the subject. Instead of clarifying how these varying sentiments aren’t right out and out, understudies should take note of how opinions or perspectives that don’t line up with their proposal probably won’t be all around acquainted or how they may be obsolete.

Evidential support (whether logical, factual, anecdotal or statistical).

The factious paper requires very much investigated, exact, nitty gritty, and current data to help the theory and to think about different perspectives. Some genuine, consistent, measurable, or anecdotal proof should uphold the proposition. Nonetheless, the writers must consider various perspectives when gathering proof.

As mentioned earlier, an effective and balanced argumentative article will likewise talk about conclusions which are not lining up with the thesis. It is dishonest to omit proof that may not uphold the theory. It isn’t the writer’s business to bring up how different positions aren’t right through and through, but instead to clarify how different positions may not be very much acquainted or exceptional on the topic under discussion.

A conclusion which not only repeats the proposal, yet readdresses it considering the proof given.

This is the most struggling point of the essay. This is the bit of the article that will have the most quick effect on the reader’s mind. Accordingly, it must be powerful and compelling. Try not to bring any new data into the end; rather, incorporate the data introduced in the body. Rehash why the theme is significant, survey the primary concerns, and audit your theory. You may likewise need to incorporate a short conversation of more research that ought to be finished considering your work.

argumentative essay topics

Argumentative Essay Topics for High School Students

  1. Learning process can be improved by the use of smartphones.
  2. Can humans safely consume Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)?
  3. Public school educational system is not as good as homeschooling.
  4. Is physical health threatened by consuming fast food?
  5. Co-education make the students more aspiring and competitive than Single-sex education.
  6. Social media interactions are more preferred than one on one interactions among teenagers.
  7. The common trend of teenagers idolizing celebrities.
  8. How are school students benefitting from standardized tests?
  9. Kids under 18 years of age should be allowed to get tattoos.
  10. How is our education system preparing our students for the real world?
  11. The personality of a student is vulnerable to the high school experiences.
  12. Gender equality helps run our society smoothly.
  13. Should there be any change in the high school curriculum?
  14. The existence of life after death
  15. Are mothers naturally good parents than fathers?
  16. Hard work only does not guarantee any success.
  17. Age is one of the most important factors in a relationship.
  18. High schools are the breeding grounds for hate crimes.
  19. Is there any way to make politics clean and fair?
  20. Personal mobile phone should be given after a certain age.

Argumentative Essay Topics for College Students

  1. Effectiveness of the current taxation system.
  2. Is the current college tuition too expensive or affordable?
  3. Gender discrimination in terms of salary in corporate sector.
  4. Why should Shakespeare still be a part of college curriculum
  5. The competency of a student can only be judged by test scores.
  6. Carelessness of youngsters with regards to significance of privacy on online sites.
  7. Is a college degree worth the humongous tuition fee.
  8. Faith completes a man’s life.
  9. How can you control illegal drug use in US?
  10. One is not defined by one’s past
  11. STEM programs are better working for boys than girls.
  12. New generation has to face more social pressure than our ancestors.
  13. How are relationships affected by #metoo movement?
  14. Intellect has got nothing to do with education.
  15. Kids can be physically disciplined by their parents.
  16. Parenting should not be limited to gender.
  17. What is more beneficial for society, socialism or capitalism?
  18. It is unethical to deny treatment to patients who cannot afford it.
  19. Will south and North Korea flourish separately or should they be united?
  20. Models in beauty magazines should not be photoshopped.

Argumentative Essay Topics for Middle School Students

  1. What is the appropriate age for kids to start schooling?
  2. Is violent lyrics a reason enough to ban metal music?
  3. Should teachers be evaluated by their students?
  4. Is making friends virtually healthy or not?
  5. The role of society in conserving energy.
  6. Compare real life to reality TV.
  7. Students study better with a certain genre of music
  8. Playing Violent video games make a person violent in real life too.
  9. Girls are more prone t succumb to societal pressure than boys.
  10. Scoring good on standardized test should be rewarded with cash.
  11. Poor people should be excused from paying heavy taxes.
  12. What challenges are faced by a modern student?
  13. How is cotton gin affecting the economy.
  14. Movies are more preferred source of entertainment as compared to cartoons.
  15. Chocolates makes us happy.
  16. Roe of parents and teaches in shaping a child.
  17. Why is eating meat considered unethical?
  18. The symbolic meanings of dreams.
  19. Only one language should be spoken throughout the world.
  20. Increase in tax on sugar will help dealing with obesity.

Sports Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. How can we protect children participating in sports?
  2. Video gamers can be considered as true athletes.
  3. Professional athletes should be allowed to take steroids.
  4. Sports should not be gender discriminated.
  5. The fan following for baseball has reduce over the years.
  6. Cheerleading should be considered as a sport.
  7. The alcohol and tobacco ads during sports events leave a bad impact.
  8. Legalization of betting on sports is wrong.
  9. Media portrays the female athletes as sexual objects.
  10. Should students get money for playing?
  11. Should colleges spend money on sports programs?

Controversial Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Young girls are being exploited because of the feminist’s movement.
  2. Should hunting be banned globally?
  3. How is corruption increasing the wages?
  4. How are communism and capitalism benefiting our society?
  5. the global effects of hunting – should it be banned or not.
  6. The fate of human cloning in coming years.
  7. Workplace dating disturbs the rhythm of business.
  8. Pro-life and pro-choice, can they see eye to eye?
  9. Impacts of vegetarian lifestyle on health.
  10. Every nation should host the displaced immigrants and refugees.
  11. Are we losing the essence of old school romance to online dating?

Animal Rights Argumentative Essay Topics 

  1. Should hunting for fun be considered unethical?
  2. How does genetically modified livestock benefit us?
  3. Animal cruelty should be controlled by enforcing stronger laws.
  4. Exotic animals should not be kept for pleasure purposes.
  5. Why do people consider wearing fur and leather unethical?
  6. Should aggressive dog breeds like pit bulls be allowed as pets?
  7. Is it ethical to test beauty products on animals?
  8. Would you define the use of monkeys as test subjects in labs as a necessary evil?
  9. Animal dissection helps the learning process in middle school.
  10. Lonely people get great benefits from emotional support animals.
  11. Is the risk of disease reduced in people who own pets?

Academic Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Parents active role is important for a child’s education.
  2. High schools must have a uniform.
  3. A student’s abilities must not be judged only by the grading system
  4. How is technology benefitting the educational system?
  5. Schools should not be so keen on standardized tests.
  6. Is it necessary for students to learn a foreign language?
  7. Sports should be equally encouraged for males and females in schools.
  8. Should programming be made compulsory for all the students?
  9. How is coeducation better than single-sex education?
  10. Sex education should be a compulsory part of curriculum.
  11. Drug testing students should be normalized in schools.

Social Issues Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Paternity leave should be granted to both parents.
  2. In what circumstances, would you say torture is acceptable?
  3. Age should be factored in a relationship’s success of failure.
  4. Discuss the primary causes of down syndrome.
  5. Should failed parenting be punished? What should be the punishments?
  6. Stereotypes in our society, how do they affect us?
  7. Physical appearance should not be considered in a job interview.
  8. Are computers and technology taking away our independence?
  9. Can you get into trouble merely because of boredom?
  10. Increase in cheating is evident.

Easy Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Boys are less intelligent than girls.
  2. How is the use of LED making a difference?
  3. Teenage marriages should not be allowed.
  4. How does being vegan affects the environment?
  5. Middle schoolers should not be given complete access to internet
  6. Outbreak of war and religious movements, what is the link?
  7. Making the kids to perform chores is unethical
  8. Has the social media brought the families closer or driven them away?
  9. Major source of global climate change are humans.
  10. How are mobile phones dangerous?
  11. How are the curfews helping in keeping teens out of trouble?

Trending Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Can it be said for election in US to be fair always?
  2. The only effective punishment for criminals is death penalty. Do you agree?
  3. Should artificial and machines take over soldiers in battlefields?
  4. Experimentation on animals should be considered ethical.
  5. How is the foreign policy of the United States of America effected by terrorism?
  6. The right to assisted suicide for terminally ill person is inhumane. Do you agree?
  7. Abortion should be allowed to woman who is not financially strong.
  8. The risks of cosmetic surgery, is it worth it?
  9. Life today is super easy than the life hundred years ago.
  10. How does religion contribute towards war?

Technology Argumentative Essay Topics 

  1. How are cell phones affecting human race?
  2. Is the privacy of users being invaded by sy applications?
  3. Who are more dependent on computers? Millennials or baby boomers?
  4. Microwave technology is affecting our biology.
  5. The future of front-end development is typescript.
  6. Technology has made our life luxurious.
  7. Middle schoolers should be taught coding. Do you agree?
  8. Can we replace doctors by artificial intelligence?
  9. Should we consider social media profiles of the candidates in the hiring process?
  10. Cognitive Computers like Watson are unethical.

Social Media Argumentative Essay Topics 

  1. How are social networks an effective platform for communication?
  2. Is LinkedIn really helpful in getting a job?
  3. Is it legal for Facebook to leak user’s private information?
  4. Do YouTubers really earn a handsome amount of money?
  5. Should Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter be banned permanently?
  6. How has social media helped in increasing employment rates?
  7. Is it unethical to endorse celebrities?
  8. How is social media affecting real life communication?
  9. Should blogging be considered as an irrelevant profession?
  10. Business ventures have been made easier because of social media.

Research-Oriented Argumentative Topics

  1. How can the childcare costs be decreased in United States?
  2. Educated people make better parents.
  3. Female politicians face numerous challenges.
  4. Does rehab work for sex offenders?
  5. Should music be considered a real form of art?
  6. On-campus vending machines should be banned in schools.
  7. Learning Spanish is a simple task.
  8. Are students responsible for poor performance of a student?
  9. Do parents encourage gender stereotypes?
  10. How is terrorism related to illegal immigrants?

General Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. America is becoming fat because of fast food consumption.
  2. Smartphones are making us unhealthy.
  3. Free education should be provided to all.
  4. Kids should have a friendly relationship with their parents.
  5. Should single sex education still be considered a good idea?
  6. Free and unlimited internet access is important.
  7. Should grading systems be eliminated from the modern education?
  8. University degree must be pursued by all people.
  9. Cultural heritage can be saved by making tourist tax mandatory.
  10. Is it a good idea to introduce foreign language instructions I kindergarten?
  11. How will you justify hunting in context to environmental well-being?
  12. Experimentation on animals for research purposes should be banned.
  13. Dating multiple people at the same time should be normalized.
  14. School going kids should not practice dieting.
  15. Homosexuality and HIV are not necessarily linked.
  16. How is the use of gadgets for academic purposes beneficial?
  17. Why are the tattoos perceived as social deviation?
  18. Should the use of enhancement drugs for sports be banned?
  19. Decreasing the number of classes will help enhancing educative process.
  20. Should racism be considered a natural condition of our society?
  21. Will there ever be a stop to technological advancement?
  22. Are electric vehicles an answer to global population?
  23. What is the role of society in the fight against anorexia?
  24. The impacts of horror films on a child’s mind.

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