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7 Digital Tools for Students & Teachers for Virtual Classes

Everything is turning online, and given the circumstances, there has never been a better time for emphasizing digital opportunities. One such industry that took the most out of these times is the education industry of online teaching tools.

However, not to boast on the upsurge, but statistics and sense deliver that seventy percent of the population has become dependent, on or so. And while you finish your mug, tech giants will launch three new apps in the digital ocean.

There have been some since the start of time, and which are likely to stay to talk specifically about the online education models. So, in this article, we will discuss the 7 Digital Tools For Students & parent teacher tools

For Virtual Classes.

The benefits and cons of all the educational tools, irrespective of the status and time they have been on, are the intent of this article. So rest assured of any ambiguity and enjoy the comprehensive report on the educational technology tools.

7 Digital Tools for Students & Parent teacher tools

for Virtual Classes

The spectrum of the definition is enduring but to define ‘student’- a teacher can be a student who learns to teach. But learning is self-exploratory, but teaching is a vocation at best.

However, fancy the parable of teaching might conceal within, the modern understanding is all based on profit and worth.

So, when everything stays shut or expensive if open, where can students learn from? And, to learn is to give, and to give is to capitalize. Where do super teacher tools earn from? Although keeping in cognizance that a teacher can be a student. And a teacher needs to earn.

So proceeding with this article, if you muster along, Let’s learn more about what these 7 educational learning tools have to offer. If you are a student or a teacher, and it would be best if both, then waste no time as here we present:


Chegg is the number one option for anyone who is new to virtual learning platforms. In fact, Chegg is like Facebook in the market of digital tools for students.

To look back at its history, Chegg started out in 2005 and gained recognition soon, publicly, as a service that offers physical books on rent and tutoring services.

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To familiarize yourself with the concept of online tools for educators – Chegg is the best place to start with for those who want to earn by giving tuitions.

free chegg account

Chegg- Chicken first or Egg? The ever wondering mystery is the only inspiration behind the name of this digital tool for students.

Chegg allows one-to-one guidance, papers, notes, theories, numerical assistance, mathematical problem assistance, and even the physical books on rentals.

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Keep in mind that availing of Chegg is not free of cost. The slightest bit of $19 must be spent monthly to have the best of Chegg when not in a sale or under offer. Super teacher tools, tutors at Chegg generally make thousands in their own time on Chegg, and it’s a wonderful way to stand on your own.

If you opted for Chegg but couldn’t afford it then you are free to cancel the Chegg subscription and get a refund at any time.

Course Hero

The Course Hero is a similar alternative to Chegg but, in many ways, more advanced. And to sustain the fact, let us discuss what it offers.

It is a course-specific online learning platform, while all the other tools are varyingly discrete. There is variety and depth to what can make or break a student.

If used wisely, it is a fantastic resource as a guide, but it is also a perfect cheat code to all the educational/academic challenges if used cunningly.

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According to us, it is definitely a go-to platform for people who wish to earn more than learn. Super teacher tools

can make their fan-base via such a platform where a congregation is always available to read what you present.

The most attractive feature of Course Hero is that one can start with a free account and, via some work, can stay free for a lifetime, accessing all the premium things course hero has to offer.

coursehero free unlocks

Overall, Course Hero is a symbiosis of a community that is willing to learn with the community, which is adaptive to earn.

Class notes, study guides, practice problems, college advice blogs, and tutor availability for 24 hours make it an awe-inspiring web tool for teachers and students alike.

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Aleks is a beautiful resource, but there is a, but that follows with – ‘it is only for mathematics.’ So if you are looking for college-level learning, skip this one.

However, to say Aleks is a great web tool for teachers as it comes with an intelligent interface that allows teachers not only to curate the subject but also enables them to keep track of the progress of the students.

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At times, it gets hard to explain the definition of fraction and how it is different from the decimal system to your students of class 3.

How unprofessional and arduous it becomes to open youtube and find a suitable animation that can solve the purpose.

Aleks does just the same but in an intelligent way. One good thing about Aleks is that it is just what it is and nothing extra.

Aleks is only available for grades 3-12 and is not free. It is one of the best teaching tools that make teaching online easier and learning more intelligent.

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There are mathematical practice problems, cumulative assessments, placement modules, dashboard, intuitive and colorful graphics, bold definitions, elaborative illustrations, and checking modules all to aid with the teaching of the subject of mathematics


Turnitin is one of the best educational technology tools available online and also an award-winning online service. And we have included this in our list as it is more of an educational utility that prevents plagiarism.

At times, while preparing a journal or a research paper, and this goes for both students and teachers alike.

turnitin free plagiarism checker

One might come across a reference and include it without having any knowledge of the proprietary rights that might be carried.

If the text that is submitted to Turnitin has contents that match any other source within its repository, this information will be visible in the Turnitin report.

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This webtool can be very effective and can make the job of citation and referencing really easy for those whose work is around publications and research.

Turnitin creates a database of all the documents submitted onto it so that the base stays neutral for all the papers/documents which will be submitted in the future.

Conclusively, Turnitin is not helpful for students in lower grades but is non-comparable in its service for college students and lecturers


Blackboard Learn is a replacement to the customary education privileges. Moreover, the service is customizable according to user preferences.

Besides, Blackboard is a type of online educational tool which is beneficial not only for the students but also for the teachers. It is a comprehensive tool that has the capability to replace physical school altogether.

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Teachers can provide assignments, perform checks, evaluate performance, conduct tests, create reports, create meetings with guardians, and connect to students face-to-face via video conferencing within Blackboard Learn.

The services offered by Blackboard Learn are vivid and regulated according to the mode in which the user prefers to receive.

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For instance, the ultra version of the Blackboard is a complete cloud-based service for which no app or software needs to be installed.

Exclusively, the content uploaded here on Blackboard is powered by a facility that allows the host to caption each and everything, so this comes out to be a very likable feature.


Pearson is a well-known British educational learning tool and management system which has its customer base worldwide. In North America alone, the service generates more than 50 percent of its sales.

So to talk about how Pearson got so influential as a web tool for virtual education.

pearson my math lab.

Being a K-12 giant, Pearson is in partnership with various programs led by Apple and even the state, which offers it a cumulative edge over other services that update their content after getting updated on Pearson.

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Pearson comes to form its parent brand, a known publisher worldwide, and it goes without saying that it had its plans of growth when it came to America.

One significant base that supports its development in America is the fact that how well it pays to the teachers who teach after passing an evaluation and getting certified.


There are hundreds of educational technology tools that we all know about but the only reason WebAssign is not as popular as the products as mentioned earlier is its strict and fat plans.

It can cost around $120 per term, but if we look at the value and the unlimited resources one receives after the payment, it becomes a boon for those who can afford it.

For teachers, the most beneficial aspect of maintaining decorum and a check on cheating practices is WebAssign’s IP address tracking technology.

Students who do other homework or tests are now not allowed to perform any such activity.

Webassign automatically evaluates and creates the result once the input is made from the students.

WebAssign is a collaborative service, and it needs to be used in mutual partnership of the teacher and the class, simultaneously. One cannot only create tests but also randomize the questions to ensure maximum probity.


With our list of 7 Digital Tools for Students & Super teacher tools for Virtual Classes, it’s a confidence that any ambiguity regarding the same has been acquitted.

The online teaching tools are advancing fast, utmost and whether you are an individual or an organization, the times necessitate you to get online as well.

With the amplitude of possibilities in the vast sea of online tools, it becomes erratic to select one. And while we can only recommend and present the select few which are best according to us, we also would cherish to assist you with any further knowledge if it occurs to be.

So do not hesitate to put forward to us your queries, experience, or fact using the comment box below.

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