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Turnitin Plagiarism Software: Are Grammarly and plagiarism checker X software better than Turnitin? January 2024

Get Free Turnitin Report From Our Website Within Minutes. The Turnitin plagiarism software is a text similarity checker that allows schools, colleges, and universities to check student assignments and submissions against their database to identify similarities.

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Turnitin is a handy tool for students to improve their writing, detect plagiarism in their personal and academic undertakings, eliminate grammatical and punctuation errors to secure good grades, and develop thorough know-how of different referencing and citation styles.

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Turnitin is not only a formative assessment tool to evaluate student performance but also offers plagiarism detection services, popularly known as iThenticate, for magazine and newspaper editors and publishers. Also, their GradeMark tool allows teachers to provide corrective feedback and manage online grading of assignments and submissions. In contrast, the PeerMark feature enables learners to evaluate or review the projects submitted by their counterparts.


Are you looking for professional assistance to help you better understand the features or functionality of Turnitin Plagiarism Software? Are you on the lookout for the best plagiarism detection software in town? Are you confused among different plagiarism detection software such as Turnitin, Grammarly, and plagiarism checker X? If yes, this article is your ultimate guide, as it covers all the details pertaining to the Turnitin Plagiarism Software and how well it competes with other plagiarism detection software such as Grammarly and plagiarism checker X.

Features of Turnitin Plagiarism Software

Turnitin Plagiarism Software checks the unoriginal content by comparing it against several databases to detect any potential similarity in submitted texts. Using an algorithm, it scans the submitted assignments to identify matching text and pinpoints grammatical and punctuation mistakes.

Turnitin stores all the essays submitted by students in its database, which prevents learners from copying the original work of their peers and counterparts. In addition, the database also includes a list of publicly accessible internet assignments, books, newspapers, reports, articles, and features with the help of a web crawler to continually expand its archive.

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Furthermore, with the help of a classroom integration tool, students upload their assignments and papers directly, so their teachers can access them. Also, teachers can submit student assignments to the Turnitin software to get a detailed overview and originality report before finalizing their submission. They can also ask students to review the submissions of their counterparts through the Turnitin peer review option. Different virtual learning software also supports Turnitin, such as Blackboard, Desire2learn, and Moodle, to name a few.

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How to check plagiarism on Turnitin?

Checking plagiarism on Turnitin is relatively more straightforward than other similarity detection tools. To check plagiarism:

  • Log in to your Turnitin account by adding your credentials

Turnitin log in

  • After logging in to the account, click on the relevant class name, which in this case is “report checker.”

Turnitin class homepage

  • On the class homepage, click the relevant plagiarism checker, which in this case is “Plagiarism checker 1.” Now click on the “resubmit button.”

Turnitin file submission

  • Now fill the “submission title tab” and choose the selected file from the computer, dropbox, or drive. Click the “upload button.”

How to upload file on Turnitin

  • To submit your file, click the “confirm button.”

How to upload file on Turnitin

  • After successful submission, you will receive a submission slip. Now click on the “return to assignment list button.”

How to upload file on Turnitin

  • The plagiarism count/percentage will appear next to the dates tab, which in this case is 42 percent.
    To access the Turnitin originality report, click on the “view button.” You can now access a detailed overview of the similar text in your file, which will be marked in different colors. You can also download the report by clicking on the download button just below the filter button.

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Comparison of Turnitin with Grammarly

Turnitin vs Grammarly

Turnitin plagiarism software mainly target academic institutions, researchers, and students, so they can create original work without the fear of duplicating content from different sources. Through Turnitin, teachers can provide timely actionable feedback and grading to students, so they can transform into great thinkers and learned writers.

On the other hand, Grammarly is one of the best online spelling and grammar checking tools in the town, but it also detects plagiarism. This AI-powered tool assists writers all around the world in polishing their writing craft. Grammarly checks grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes and gives word suggestions to improve text readability, and targets diverse audiences, including authors, writers, journalists, freelancers, social media marketers, and business professionals.

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Like Turnitin plagiarism software, Grammarly similarity detector compares your submitted work against billions of website pages, academic writings, reports, and feature articles to detect similar text. It also provides an originality report for the submitted document. Grammarly plagiarism checking feature uses advanced algorithms and context-sensitive analysis to find plagiarized sections in your original work. It also flags all the sections that need proper citation and links to the sources of the matching text. The similarity detector also provides an overall originality score for your document or writing, pinpointing the percentage of plagiarized text.

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Grammarly tool also scans advanced-level grammatical mistakes such as modifier placement, articles use, and subject-verb agreement, so you can impress your teachers, employers, and social media followers with faultless flowy writings.

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Comparative analysis of Features

One of the main differences between Grammarly and Turnitin is the accuracy of its plag scans. Grammarly is not a plagiarism detection crawler-type tool like Turnitin. It means that patchwork plagiarism can easily escape the Grammarly plagiarism detection tool. However, no type or form of plagiarized text can bypass this accurate and reliable tool when it comes to Turnitin. Grammarly Plagiarism checker scans sentences which means one change in the sentence can help you get away with plagiarism detection. However, Turnitin plagiarism software scans every word and letter, making it impossible to get away with matching text.

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Both Grammarly and Turnitin have large databases. However, the Turnitin database does not allow students to get away with plagiarism, while Grammarly’s plagiarism detection services can sometimes be inaccurate and faulty. Besides, the reliability score of Turnitin plagiarism software is much better than Grammarly. Yet, Grammarly provides a range of extra features to its users, making it one of the best Al-powered tools for improving writing.

Furthermore, the Turnitin originality report offers a comprehensive outlook of the plagiarized phrases or sentences with percentages as well as information from the sources. This safe and secure, user-friendly tool is preferred by academic institutes, teachers, and students worldwide due to its accuracy and well-developed algorithm that is light-years ahead of the Grammarly plagiarism checking tool.

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Grammarly cannot check the Turnitin database and has access to ProQuest Database only. The Turnitin database is extensive as it encompasses more than 178 million journal articles, archive student papers, and much more. One of the significant drawbacks of the Grammarly plagiarism checking tool is reliability. Grammarly does not have access to Turnitin’s database which means it is not the best plagiarism detection software to detect matching text. Turnitin’s repository is ‘lock and key,’ making it inaccessible to its competitors.

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Grammarly offers a free version for its users; however, Turnitin does not provide free services. This free version offers limited features such as checking basic grammatical and spelling mistakes. Also, to avail the Turnitin grammar checking feature, you need to contact your account administrator to enable this feature.

PROS of Turnitin plagiarism software and Grammarly Plagiarism Detector

PROS of Turnitin plagiarism software and Grammarly Plagiarism Detector

CONS of Turnitin plagiarism software and Grammarly Plagiarism Detector

CONS of Turnitin plagiarism software and Grammarly Plagiarism Detector


Final Verdict

Grammarly is one of the best grammar, spelling, and punctuation error-checking tools, while Turnitin, on the other hand, is one the most reliable and accurate plagiarism detection tools. Grammarly is a better option for business professionals, writers, freelancers, and novelists, while Turnitin works well for academic institutes, students, and researchers. Turnitin’s plagiarism checking feature is far better than Grammarly, which only comes with a paid subscription. Same is the case with Turnitin’s grammar checking feature, which is enabled by the administrator and can sometimes be inaccurate.

Comparison of Turnitin similarity checker with Plagiarism Checker X

Turnitin vs Plagiarism Checker X

Turnitin similarity checker is one of the most effective, secure, and user-friendly plagiarism checking software for students, educational institutes, and researchers. On the other hand, Plagiarism Checker X is a focused, highly affordable, and easy-to-understand online plagiarism checking tool known for its innovative technology, accuracy, and stringent data privacy policies.


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This handy online plagiarism checking tool is available in 7 different international languages, including English, Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish, and French, to name a few. It offers offline access to its users to cross-check two different documents at the same time through its side-by-side comparison feature. It also allows teachers, researchers, and students to review multiple records simultaneously through its bulk search feature.


Plagiarism Checker X offers a detailed originality report with similarity percentages, source URLs, and other useful information. Unlike other free plagiarism checking tools, it does not store your documents and is a much cheaper option than Turnitin plagiarism checking software and Grammarly plagiarism checking tool.

Comparative analysis of features

Plagiarism Checker X aims to work differently than other conventional plagiarism checking tools such as Turnitin and Grammarly. It not only offers a detailed overview of the matching text but also pinpoints the plagiarism sources. However, when you compare it with the Turnitin similarity checker, you find out that it does not provide accurate and speedy results.

Like Turnitin, it provides a list of source URLs for the user, with a comprehensive similarity report marked in different color codes to help you access your writings effectively. The Turnitin originality report also presents a list of sources with similarity percentages marked in different colors and additional features such as filters, settings, and info tabs.

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Turnitin’s database is extensive as it encompasses millions of articles, research papers, reports, newspapers, and assignments. However, Plagiarism Checker X has a limited database which reduces the reliability and accuracy of its plagiarism detector. Unlike Turnitin, it does not offer a spelling and grammar check feature for its users to improvise their writings.

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Unlike the Turnitin similarity checker, Plagiarism Checker X is extremely slow and takes a lot of time to process the information. Also, it is only available for the Windows platform and does not support other operating systems such as Mac or Linux. Unlike Grammarly, it does not support Chrome and Firefox browser extensions. In addition, Turnitin supports integrations such as Blackboard learn, Incident IQ, and Kira Talent; however, Plagiarism Checker X does not support integrations.

Plagiarism Checker X offers a free version for its users, but for a limited time with content and feature limitations. On the other hand, the Turnitin similarity checker does not provide a free version and can be costly for students and educational institutes. Regarding accessibility,

Plagiarism Checker X is not limited to academic institutes and is available for a diverse audience that opts for free or paid versions with the option to purchase lifetime licenses. Also, it does not require the student to secure access from the teacher to get accurate plagiarism results. Plagiarism Checker X offers quick and easy access to the dashboard, where users can access their scanned work or plagiarism reports.

PROS of Turnitin similarity checker and Plagiarism Checker X

PROS of Turnitin similarity checker and Plagiarism Checker X

CONS of Turnitin similarity checker and Plagiarism Checker X

Turnitin Plagiarism Software: Are Grammarly and plagiarism checker X software better than Turnitin? January 2024 1


Both Turnitin and Plagiarism Checker X are high-end plagiarism checking software and are accurate, reliable, and cost-friendly. However, Turnitin offers 100 percent plagiarism checking accuracy compared to Plagiarism Checker X, which has a limited database, does not offer spelling and grammar checking features, and is extremely slow compared to its competitors. However, some parts of Plagiarism Checker X, such as the side-by-side comparison feature, affordable one-time fee packages, stringent customer privacy regulations, offline access to users, and bulk search feature for students, teachers, and researchers make it a reliable tool and tough a competitor of Turnitin plagiarism software.


Turnitin plagiarism software is reigning globally as one of the most accurate, user-friendly, and easy-to-understand similarity checkers. It not only pinpoints matching text to avoid plagiarism in academic and personal writings but also allows learners to improvise their writing prowess, better understand the pertinence of citation and referencing, and learn the right way to credit authors, writers, and researchers in your undertakings.

Grammarly is a cloud-based grammar checking tool that uses artificial intelligence to identify, review, or search punctuation, grammar, spelling, punctuation, delivery, clarity, and engagement errors. It assists the users in customizing their tone, style, diction, and language. Grammarly plagiarism detection tool instantly detects similar or matching text in your writing with the help of machine learning and natural language processing. It also holds the power to scan billions of website pages and millions of publications, journals, and academic papers to detect plagiarism.

Plagiarism Checker X is an online plagiarism detection tool that helps you detect matching or similar text in your assignments, blogs, websites, and research papers in just a few seconds. This user-friendly and affordable similarity text detector scans duplication issues in your writings and pinpoints source URLs or correct citations so you can ace your professional and academic undertakings with flying colors. Plagiarism Checker X is available in seven languages, offers unique features such as side-by-side comparison and bulk search feature, and is used in over 80+ countries, including the USA, UK, Canada, India, Malaysia, and Egypt, to name a few.

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A comparative analysis of Turnitin plagiarism software with Grammarly plagiarism detector and Plagiarism Checker X shows that Turnitin, without doubt, is one of the most accurate, reliable, and handy plagiarism detecting tools that offers a range of features to students, researchers, and academic institutes. Grammarly and Plagiarism Checker X have their PROs and CONs. However, none of these tools can challenge the supremacy of Turnitin plagiarism software.

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