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My Aim In Life Essay

An aimless man is like a ship without controls, and a man without a well define aim can never achieve his life goals. We all have several aims and goals in life and the ultimate is knowing how to achieve your life goals. To assist different students seeking out the best “My Aim in life Essays” or “My Goal in Life Essays” we have creatively put together a well-balanced and well-written collection of 8 essays on “My Goal/Aim in Life essays.” You can also check out some of the other interesting Essays we have put together on different topics. And if you need assistance with essay writing, check out essay bot review about one of the most popular essay writing services.

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Introduction On My Aim In Life Essay(100 words)

The height of a person’s existence lies not in his/her ability to merely survive, but in discovering what to live for. Having a well-defined goal in life is crucial to understanding the direction for our career and pursuing these goals. We all have individual goals, career goals and basically life goals.

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These vary from one individual to the other. However, we cannot walk through life aimlessly otherwise we end up frustrated and our ambitions become shattered.We have also written some other great essays on different topics you can check “Essays“.

Essay 1: My Aim in Life to become “A Doctor”(450 words)

My future ambition is to become a doctor. Unlike most people, I haven’t been put under pressure by my parents to go along this popular career part. I want to study medicine at the university and end up being a doctor for numerous reasons. Even though I am aware that doctors usually obtain a degree in the university after years of study. This may be quite daunting, but I am a very hardworking and judicious person. A lot of people have accused me of having a one-track-mind which I interpret to mean I have certainly focused and driven.

Doctors are certified professionals in the field of medicine, who treat people who are sick. Why do I want to become a doctor? Easy, I love helping people recuperate and make their lives better. Doctors are qualified to save lives and capable of helping the sick and convalescent to get better. Doctors are necessary to alleviate the sufferings of humanity, especially in the health sector. As they serve as a source of hope for the world and eventually bring smiles to people’s faces.

Although it is quite saddening to realize that people are often more concerned about material gain and themselves than helping others. Even among the so-called “doctors”. Most people have comprised their beliefs and standards to acquire materialistic things, leading to a decline in the general health of humans. I believe that professions and inclinations are not realized through trivialities like power, money or fame. Any vocation that is pursued these is not a calling.

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The topmost drive for my career path in medicine probably stemmed from the death of my best friend. Dora and I were quite close. We played together, we went to the same school, we were next-door neighbors, and our parents were friends. However, she fell sick at age 10 and she never recovered from the sickness.

I watched my best friend cum sister die and there was nothing I could do about it. The painful part was she never had the opportunity to live her life before she was rudely snatched away by death. Ever since, I made up my mind to study medicine so I can help little children like Dora, give them a chance at life and also give their parents the opportunity to watch their children grow and be a part of their lives.

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My greatest wish is to contribute to the field of medicine and amass so much influence that there’ll be a notable impact in the lives of the people around the world. I know that the challenges of becoming a doctor supersedes its advantages. Yet, the satisfaction I’ll get from touching people’s lives, bringing a smile to their faces and giving them ‘hope’ is unequivocal.

becoming doctor is my aim in life

Essay 2: My Goal in Life to become “A Teacher Or Private Tutor In English”(500 words)

Education is an ever changing and ever-growing sector. Of all the strenuous professions in the world, teaching tops the chart. I agree with what William Arthur Ward suggested that an unexceptional teacher merely tells, a good teacher gives explanations, the superior teacher gives demonstrations, whereas the greatest teacher is the one who inspires.

My life goal is to become a teacher in English. People have often asked me why I chose to be a teacher. One thing I know for certain is that this decision was not made in a day. This choice emanated from a series of reflections about what I want to do with my life and how I want my life to pan out. My desire is to be counted among this honorable profession and to one they are a reference point for others.

Teachers have the capability to bring about the change the world needs and improve it. They are so influential in the life of a student that they can either make or mar the life of their pupils and students from what they teach. My desire within this professional line is to attain both professional and personal restitution.

“A good teacher inspires his student to aspire for greatness, he/she possesses the ability to spark the imagination of his/her students, and at the same feed their hunger for learning”.

Effectively managing classroom settings is necessary. The reason is that students are more positively impacted and encouraged when they study under a conducive and friendly atmosphere. Thus, becoming an effective teacher would require proper classroom management from the very start of class with rules and regulations. Although, these rules would not be stringent neither would they be slack as well.

My goal as a teacher to propel every facet of my class to a better place and leave them more knowledgeable than they were initially. Regardless of whether these people are my students, colleagues, curriculum, administration, or paraprofessional. I aim to move my class as a unit and my greatest achievement would involve very student growing together with no one left behind. I enjoy seeing children grow together at different levels and learning together.

I do not claim to be a magician. Neither do I set out to attain the unattainable. I believe I’m a realist and well-grounded in my perceptions. I’m aware that no two individuals are alike and that students’ study and learn at different paces. Yet my aim is to ensure that everyone is studying and taking home something. So, implementing group studies would be an effective strategy.

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Most of my teachers have impacted my life in one way or the other and have become my mentors, role models, and heroes/heroines. This is the conclusion of my aim in life…. I want to inspire people who would represent the future generation.

Essay 3: My Aim in Life to become “A lawyer”(500 words)

“Only lawyers and painters can transform a blank surface to an inspiration”. A lawyer is a professional in the field of law who is qualified to practice law. He defends or prosecutes people who are victims or might have committed crimes. There is a broad range of career options in the field of law including family law, criminal law, corporate law, religious law, among several others.

My career goal is to become a lawyer. I am loquacious, good with words and a diplomat. There are quite a few reasons why I feel pursuing a degree in law should be one of my life goals. However, three reasons stand out. Firstly, I like advocating for the rights of the people. I always reacted when people are being cheated and treated unfairly. I am, outspoken and confident. I am most definitely not a pushover and I’m usually not afraid to drive home my point. Secondly, my father who is my greatest mentor is a lawyer and I’ve always wanted to be like him when I got older. Hence my desire to become a lawyer.

Lastly, lawyers make tons of money and they are quite respected in the society. So, while I’m out there ensuring that the criminals are punished and justice gets served, I’ll also be basking in the luxury my profession affords me. Although I’m aware that the amount of money a lawyer will make largely depends on his specialization. Some fields are more productive than others. Nevertheless, since money is not my foremost drive, I’m not moved.

“A good lawyer is unrelenting; he never gives up until he achieves what he sets out to achieve”. Being a lawyer requires taking up several responsibilities at the same time, which requires patience and intelligence to pursue the task to the very end. I’m of the opinion that the law profession plays a crucial function of scrutinizing and solving legal matters and ensuring that legal jurisdictions are implemented. My aim is to be counted as part of such a profession while pursuing my vocation.

A lawyer must always have his wit about him, he/she must be audacious and maintain his/her unwavering integrity in executing tasks. A lawyer who cannot successfully represent both sides, is no lawyer. So, lawyers must be analytical and critical. Lawyers require high educational standards and high intelligence. I always want to possess this level of intelligence and calmness, which is the more reason why law seems so appealing to me.

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Furthermore, I also want to be able to represent people whose finance would otherwise put them at a disadvantage. In short, I want to become a lawyer for both professional and personal developments. I know that being a lawyer would make me a well-adjusted person, adaptable”, patient, resourceful, and someone who is fair and just who will not hesitate in instigating the growth and development of the society.

my aim in life to become lawyer

Essay 4: My Aim in Life to become “An Engineer”(550 words):

I open this essay with the apt description of the significance of an engineer by borrowing a saying from Isaac Asimov who states that we can all be enthralled by all things science, but it is engineering that actually changes the world. Engineers labor for the society and their labor normally incur lots of risks and hazards. However, when their outcomes are effective, society applauds them and accords them their due respect.

A lot comes to mind when one wants to graduate from school, particularly when the individual has to make life goal decisions that will earn him a living. Everyone, old or young, wants to be something in the nearest future. We all condition our mind towards this goal and we become resilient in our pursuit. Ever since i can remember, my aim has been to become an engineer. I’ve been fascinated with everything engineering related.

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Our goals define who we are. We cannot go about life aimlessly. Someone once said when we fail to plan we are undoubtedly planning to fail. That is why it is crucial that we have clearly defined aims, objectives and life goals. This will not only help us define where we are going, but it will also help us to make adjustments particularly in detecting when we’ve strayed from where we should be.

An engineer is a professional who can solve life issues with mechanical and scientific techniques. He is adept at fixing things, inventing and constructing useful things. The field of engineering is far-reaching covering mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, civil engineering, and building engineer among other things. Engineers build things and fix things that are broken. This is an endearing quality for me. Without engineers in our society today, a lot of inventions would never have occurred, and we would definitely not be where we are today as a society.

I don’t know what field of engineering I want to major in yet, but one thing I know for certain is I want to make the lives of the people in my community better than what it now is. I want to be able to construct and erect structures that will make their lives easier and their efforts more productive. “The greatest engineers are complex… they are not merely mathematicians, neither are they just scientists alone, in fact they are not just writers or sociologists; however, they utilize any or all of their acquired skills and knowledge from these fields in answering engineering challenges.”

Consequently, all my education thus far has been intentionally geared towards becoming an engineer. I meticulously study my book and I visit engineering workshops and sites. I also associate myself with engineers. I read books and concentrate on my studies. I ensure I have good grades in mathematics, physics, further-mathematics, and English. I know I may have to travel out of my country to advance my career, so I am always reading one book or the other to brush up my English.

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My aim is to work competently and reliably as a professional engineer. This and this alone would mark the ultimate essence of all my career goals.

Essay 5: My Goal in Life to become “A Scientist”(500 words)

“Science is one of the most beautiful gifts to the human race which should by no means be distorted”. Our society today is unrepentant reliant on science and technology. New discoveries are made very day. Science is an inexhaustible field, which explains why becoming a scientist is my chosen career goal.

Having and knowing what one’s life goals are, is very important. This is because life is meaningless and uninspiring when a person lacks a clear-cut ambition. Even if we all decide to go to school, we can never study forever. At a point in time, we are going to need to justify our existence and make a living for ourselves. This is the point where we define where we want to be, how to get there, and we know when we’ve reached the endpoint.

I’ve always been fascinated with science. From my childhood, I’ve always wanted to be like Einstein, Newton, and Edison. These people made notable contributions to humanity and I want to be like them someday. I’ve always aced my science subjects deliberately because I knew it at the back of my mind that I wanted to become a scientist. My parents have been very supportive of my career goals and I compensate their efforts by studying hard in school and Improving my graded in relevant subjects that would aid me to become a scientist in the nearest future.

Most people have the perception that the greatest scientists are characterized by their intellectual capabilities, but this is not so; what makes a great scientist is character. Science is the key to the prevailing issues of our societies today. Even so, a scientist needs stellar characters so they don’t have a god-complex, which can jeopardize all their life achievements. I believe I am a fair and just person, and I am an unselfish person.

As much as I want to be a notable and respectable scientist, I refuse to cut corners or put others in danger just to further my career. This is why I know I’ll make a remarkable scientist.

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Life is full of challenges that are yet to be solved. Some questions have been left unanswered for years. I don’t claim to be able to do what geniuses could not. However, the field of science is challenging, and I want to delve into it to better humanity. I want to reconstruct many ideologies that can bring about change. Furthermore, the notions and developments in science and technology prove my believe that Scientists are the architects behind such impressive works.

I don’t just want to become a scientist for the pleasure of being referred to as one. I want to make significant impacts in the field of science and technology, so much so that the lives of others would be improved while I’m at it.

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scientist working in lab to achieve their goa;

Essay 6: My Aim in Life to become “A Businessman/Woman”(420 words)

“The only way to get ahead in life is to diligently work at whatever you lay your hands upon to do; be you a musician, accountant, artist, or a businessman”. A businessman/woman is a person who is adept at executing numerous business activities to make profit. Profit is the drive for any business.

I have always wanted to become a successful businessman and eventually an entrepreneur. This is what I want to wake up doing for the rest of my life. I can’t imagine myself in another profession. I’m enthralled by it and I’ll work tirelessly to be a great businesswoman. My family members have been a huge support for me since I decided to along this path. I’m aware my gender may be a limitation at one point or the other, but I refuse to be fazed by this.

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My father who is one of the reasons why I’m choosing a career path in business has always taught me that making money through your own business would not only make you proud and more successful, but it beats working under the administration of others. I haven’t always been good at doing what others want me to do. I have raised an independent child and my father has always challenged me to think outside the box. My greatest wish is to own my own company and be independent in implementing my ideas.

I am working towards achieving my goals early in life. I want to become a millionaire before I am thirty years old. It’s not unheard of, so I know I can do it as well. I hope to be counted among the youngest and most influential entrepreneurs in my community and nation at large. I have been known to engross myself in biographies and interviews of influential business people to learn from them.

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I concentrate on my studies and I hope to get a degree in business. I know education is not the most monumental aspect of being an entrepreneur. I was taught at an early age by my father about hands-on learning. However, I know the degree will help my clients to view my company as authentic. Before anyone can succeed in the competitive business world, he/she must be a leader, competitive and optimistic, brave, intelligent, analytical, presentable, be able to communicate effectively, have great interpersonal skills, and be extremely ambitious. Anyone with at least one of these qualities has a shot at the imposing business world. The good thing is I possess most of these qualities.

Essay 7: My Aim in Life to become “A sportsman/Athlete”(450 words)

High schools mark important phases of a child’s life, which is why most people ponder on their life goals at this crucial stage. Not only is it important to determine one’s life goal, proactive measures must be taken to achieve set goals.

My primary aim in life is to be unconditionally happy, regardless of the situation around me. I do not have complicated goals, yet they are not simple to attain. However, i cannot earn a living by just being happy which leads me to set my next goal. My aim in life is to become an athlete or a professional sportsman. This is my calling. My goal. My heartbeat. My passion. My aim in life.

I love sports especially crickets, badminton, soccer, football, sprints, race, and tennis. I want to be a professional paid athlete. I know this is not an easy task but Rome was not built in a day either. Sportsmen are known to be resilient and hardworking specifically in maintaining a healthy body. They are fun people because sports is an interesting profession. Athletes maintain long hours for training and they engage in several endurance tests. This is because athletes must be alert both mentally and physically.

Good habits are built with sports, confidence is developed, and discipline is promoted. Sports make players into a community of leaders, teaching them on how to doggedly pursue a singular goal, deal with mistakes, and seek out opportunities for development and growth“

The physical demand of the job prevents sportsmen from continuing in this part for a long period of time. This is because a sportsman is focused on pursuing and achieving the next big thing in the industry. When you are on the sports ground you have to leave everything behind and focus on winning the medal. Holding back is never a choice because you may be paired with a more formidable team tomorrow. Some sportsmen eventually end up coaching a sports team while they retire, because they sustain injuries during the course of their sports career.

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I hope to secure a scholarship that would enable me further my sports career. I am on the football team in my school and I am a good quarterback. Sports is physically tasking, yet I try hard to maintain good grades because even if I am the best footballer in the world if I have poor grades, I can bid my scholarship goodbye.

I am not from a wealthy background and I’m often reminded by my parents about how challenging it can be for minorities to rise above discrimination and earn a good paycheck. Athletes are known to be well paid and well respected. This among other reasons motivate me to strive to become the best athlete my generation has seen.

Essay 8: My Aim in Life to become “A Doctor” (550 words)

Life is the greatest blessing of God, if there is no aim, life is useless and pointless. Life should be spent with certain aim or else no difference will be left between man and animals. In older times life was simple and man had to do nothing but hunt for food. We are living in a modern time where we have to meet the everyday challenges of life. We need to solve our problems and we have to keep ourselves ready for all the things. We need a proper plan to live a good life and to deal with problems. Hence, it is essential for everyone to have an aim for life.

In the light of this criterion, my aim in life is to become a good doctor. Since my childhood, I have a strong liking for the medical profession. I also feel that being a doctor is an ideal way to serve humanity, it is an independent profession and doctors earn by getting consultation fee. Doctor is nobody’s servant and people have to adjust the time to meet the doctor. For securing goodwill and affection doctors get many chances of serving people.

I don’t want to become a mercenary doctor at the same time. My dream and desire is to help the poor and needy people who are suffering from health crises. I would be more generous if my skill failed to give an appropriate cure to my patient. To lessen the pain of someone is perhaps the biggest happiness of life and I want to achieve this happiness. I want to lighten the sufferings of people around me and what service is better than this?

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My aim in life doesn’t end here, after earning some reasonable income; my next aim would be to build a hospital for the treatment of poor and needy people. The hospital where poor people would be treated free of cost is my ultimate desire. I will collect the team of health specialists that love to serve humanity. I will recruit the workers in my hospitals on the basis of their sincerity and loyalty to humanity. Once I achieve this I will retire from this active service.

One of my biggest dreams is to keep no difference between rich and the poor while doing my job. Perhaps, if life gives me this chance I will love to treat poor people since I feel they are helpless. Another big dream of mine is to serve at any remote place where health facilities are lacking and people suffer due to unavailability of doctors.

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I will launch free medical camps and my mobile ambulances for the people of such remote areas. I strongly feel that in my country there are a lot of villages and lack of medical facilities, these villages need medical attention. Every year as I read a lot of epidemics such as smallpox, dengue, and plague cause a heavy loss in these villages. I shall try to contribute my mite to the struggle against such deadly epidemics which are ravaging the life of villagers in my country as being a doctor.

My aim is to live up to the excellence of medical profession. I want to set a tradition of honest, devoted and selfless services so that other doctors follow it as well.

Essay 9: My Goal in Life to become “A Bank Manager”(500 words)

“Before you are called a leader, success is measured by how much you are able to improve on your personal qualities. However, once you become a leader, success is measured about how much you can improve the lives of others around you”.

A bank manager is a person who is saddled with the responsibility of managing the teams in the bank, promoting sales, and appealing and drafting new customers to the bank. Just as in any business organization, a successful manager must be prepared to do things others are not able to do.

He/she must also be able to join the task force in doing the job, by getting hands-on. He/she must also be prepared to lead and empower all their workforce as often as possible. Any bank manager who wants to go far in the banking sector must possess both financial experience and people relation skills.

My future ambition is to become a bank manager. I have always been interested in working with the baking sector. While I was young what initially captivated me about this profession was their crisp suit, sophisticated appearance and they generally reeked of confidence. I know that merely wanting to be a bank manager is not enough to secure me a job in the future. One must acquire all the necessary skills and know-how, construct a formidable professional network, and then affirm oneself in the banking sector.

To this vain, I have been studious in my studies especially in finance,  accounting, economics, marketing, and other business-related courses. I’m not a genius neither I’m I at the top of the class. However, I strive hard to maintain good grades. One of my strong qualities is managing others. I could always just aim to be a banker or aspire for other positions in the bank, but I’m an overachiever. I believe when people think and decide about their life goals, they should try to think big and go all out.

“Doing great things does not necessarily mean you are a successful leader. Your ability to impact others to do great things, is what makes you a real leader”. The bank manager is an important figure in the organization. He is the boss. I want to be a boss too, although not a dictator. I am good with numbers and I have a solid financial background thanks to my mother who is a successful accountant.

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I am an extrovert and I love meeting people. I have good interpersonal skills and I have always occupied leadership positions in the school. For instance, I was the class representative all through my junior year in school, I have been chosen as the group leader a number of times, and I am aspiring for the position of the school president before I graduate from school. Being able to encourage and maintain a positive relationships among the staff members and customers will boost productivity.

My aim is to become not just a manager but a bank manager. Being able to realize this dream will mark the peak of my achievement in life.

my aim in life to become bank manager

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