7 Common Mistakes To Avoid In Essays


The art of Essay writing is as old as time itself. However, majority of students become dumbfounded when the time comes to actually write an essay. It does not matter whether the topic given is easy or difficult, often times students make very common mistakes the can cause an essay to not only lose its charm and authenticity as well as students their marks. One should always proof-read one’s essay before submitting it so that the following mistakes can be avoided

Punctuation marks in the title

Putting quotation marks (“”) or a full stop/period (.) in the title is the first and easiest mistake that can be avoided. However, a question mark (?) can be placed if the title of the essay is a question.

Confusing school, college and university essays 

Essays in school, colleges and universities differ in length, quality and complexity. Do not mix the requirements of one with the other. Stick with the word limit that is appointed and the method that is recommended.

Addition of too many arguments

Oftentimes students think incorporating too many arguments in a 500 word limit essay will gain them higher marks. Instead, the essay just looks unattractive and is difficult to follow due to the number of facts and figures jumbled together. The less focused a student is on the quality of the essay and more on the inclusion of unnecessary details, the more confusing the essay becomes. A short, precise and to the point essay will impress the examiner more.


It is true that not all ideas can be original and sometimes inspiration has to be taken from somewhere. But there is a fine line between being inspired by someone’s work and copying it in its entirety.

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Make sure to give due credit where it is required as plagiarism is highly frowned upon in the academic world. Uses the Reference styles recommended by your institution and cite quotes whenever necessary.

Spelling mistakes

With technology at the top of its game, it is a sin to make typographical errors while typing on a computer. Auto correct applications make sure there are no grammatical and spelling mistakes. However, a computer can only go so far. Sentences like “Eye do not no weather this is the write way or not” may go unchecked. Auto correct cannot point out the fault in sentences where the words used are spelled correctly in their own ways.
Learn the difference between ‘they’re’ and ‘their’, ‘weather’ and ‘whether’, ‘effect’ and ‘affect’ as students most commonly get confused by them.

Superfluous commas

Placing unnecessary commas in sentences makes them difficult to read. For example,Essay is not only the collection of ideas, but seamlessly arranged ideas, having some logical order in each and every part of it.The above sentence has too many commas adjusted where they are not needed. The correct sentence would be; “Essay is not only the collection of ideas but seamlessly arranged ideas having some logical order in each and every part of it.

Use of jargon when not required

The right use of language has a huge impact on your essay. Avoid using technical or specific jargon (unless writing for a specific audience) as a layperson is unlikely to be familiar with it. Use words that can be easily understood by everyone. Remember to always differentiate between difficult and overly simple words. When writing an essay, use the words that feel right to you. Imagine yourself in the shoes of the audience and only then finalize your work.

When finalizing your essay, go through this list to make sure you have edited your work properly. If you feel there might be some more errors that you cannot point out, hire someone to proof-read your essay for you. But always remember, a good editor is one not close to you so that they can easily point out the mistakes in your essay. Creative Savants has professional proof-readers of all professional fields at the tip of their fingers. They’ve got the solution to all your essay writing needs so go ahead and give them a try.

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