Key storytelling techniques

The Complete Guide to Storytelling Techniques and How to Use Them in Your Writing – July 2024

Have you ever been so caught up in a story that you forgot where you were? Maybe you were reading a book under your blanket with a flashlight or listening to your grandpa tell stories of his childhood. That’s the magic of storytelling! It’s a power that lets us travel through time, visit far-off lands, and walk in someone else’s shoes without leaving our seats. 

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In this article, we’ll explore the art of storytelling. We’ll learn how to tell a story, discover some cool storytelling techniques that master storytellers use, and even see how big companies use brand stories to make people smile. Let’s dive into the world of storytelling!

Guide to storytelling

What is Storytelling?

Storytelling is like painting with words. It’s how we share exciting adventures, teach important lessons, and make friends with people we’ve never met. When someone tells a good story, it’s like they’re creating a movie in your mind. You might laugh aloud, wipe away a tear, or think about big ideas you’ve never considered.

How to Tell a Story

To tell a story that captures people’s attention, you need characters that feel like real people – the kind you’d want to be friends with. These characters face tricky problems they must solve, just like we do in real life. The story takes place in a world that feels so real that you can almost touch it. 

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And just like your favourite storytelling books, a good story has a clear beginning where you meet everyone, a middle where exciting things happen, and an end that wraps everything up nicely. The best part? Every story has a special message or lesson hidden inside, waiting for you to discover it.

Benefits of Storytelling

Stories are like magic keys that unlock our minds and hearts. They help us remember important things better than just memorizing facts. When someone explains a tricky idea using a story, it suddenly becomes easy to understand. 

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Stories can make us feel happy, sad, or excited, connecting us to people we’ve never met. They can inspire us to do great things and bring people together by sharing experiences. Stories are like bridges that connect all of us, helping us understand each other better and feel less alone in this big, wide world.

Storytelling techniques

Key Storytelling Techniques and Methods

To become a master storyteller, you need to learn some special techniques. These storytelling methods are like secret ingredients that make your stories taste amazing to anyone who hears them. Let’s explore some of the storytelling techniques that can turn your tales into unforgettable adventures.

Character Development

Creating characters is like making new friends. You want to give them dreams and fears, just like you have. Let them make mistakes and learn from them because that’s all. Think about what your characters want more than anything in the world and what might stop them from getting it. 

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Show how they’re brave sometimes and scared other times. When you do this, the people reading your story will care about your characters and want to follow their journey to the end.

Conflict and Resolution

Every great story needs a big problem to solve. It’s like a giant puzzle that seems impossible at first. As you tell your story, make the problem seem more significant and scarier until everyone’s wondering how it could be fixed. Then, when your characters finally figure out how to solve it, it feels fantastic! This keeps readers on the edge of their seats, turning pages as fast as they can to see what happens next.

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Description and Setting

When you’re practicing the art of storytelling, use lots of details to help your readers imagine they’re right there in the story world. Talk about how things look, sound, smell, taste, and feel. If your story takes place in a spooky forest, describe the crunch of leaves under your character’s feet and the eerie hoot of an owl in the distance. Make your story world so real that readers can picture every single detail.

Plot and Structure

A cohesive plot arc with setup, confrontation, and payoff maintains readership. To create a strong plot, start it with an interesting hook, introduce the main conflict early, build tension through rising action, create an exciting and surprising climax, and wrap up loose ends in the resolution. A well-structured plot keeps readers turning pages until the very end.

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Theme and Message

Indeed, every story has a meaningful message, a secret that can only be found. This message is called the theme. It could be about friendship, kindness, and the ability to protect and fight for what is right. Instead of simply explaining to the reader how they should think, demonstrate it by incorporating your theme into character action and dialogue. In this manner, readers can find the treasure on their own, which makes it even more magical.

Storytelling marketing

Best Storytelling Marketing Examples

Even grown-ups who work in big companies know how important stories are. They use brand stories to make people feel good about their products and to show what their company believes in. Let’s look at some fantastic brand story examples of companies using storytelling to connect with people.


Coca-Cola, the company making the fizzy drink, created an incredible brand story you could only see by pointing your phone at a Coke can. It was like magic—suddenly, you could see little stories come to life right in front of you! This made drinking a Coke feel like an adventure. It was a clever way to get people excited about their drink and want to share the experience with friends.

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Square is a company that helps people pay for things with credit cards. They made movies about real people who had big dreams. These movies showed how regular folks like your neighbours worked hard to make their dreams come true. It made people feel good and want to support small businesses in their town. By sharing these true stories, Square showed that they care about helping people achieve their goals.


Apple, the company making iPhones, did something creative when writing a brand story. They asked a famous movie director to make a film using just an iPhone. The film was weird and wonderful, showing how you can create unique art with a phone in your pocket. This brand story didn’t just try to sell phones – it made people feel excited about all the cool things they could create with an iPhone.

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These brands told terrific stories that made people remember them. Your brand could do that, too! Creative Savants knows how to make your brand’s story super cool. Want to make your brand famous with an awesome story? Contact us now.

Applying Techniques in Your Work

Now, it’s time for you to become a storyteller! Let’s look at how you can use all these fantastic techniques in your writing. Whether creating a brand story for a school project or just writing for fun, these tips will help you develop tales that people will love to read.

Developing Immersive Settings

When writing your own stories, try to make the world of your tale feel as accurate as possible. If your story takes place in outer space, think about how floating around with no gravity would feel. If it’s set in a busy city, describe the noisy cars and the smell of hot dogs from street vendors. 

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The place where your story happens should feel just as important as the people in it. Do some research about the time and place your story is set in so you can add interesting details that make your world come alive.


Speaking of research, did you know that companies like Creative Savants offer content writing services to help you create unique stories for your brand? Their expert writers know how to create engaging stories that capture your audience’s attention.

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Building Tension and Release

Changing how you write to maintain your audience’s interest is also essential. At times, it is okay to use short, sharp sentences. Other times use straightforward, lengthy sentences that describe a scenic view as smooth and soothing as a river.


And here’s a pro tip: I always leave my readers hoping for more at the end of every chapter! They should want to read what comes next so badly that they cannot help themselves. This is known as a cliffhanger and is an effective way to make your audience have to read more of your story.

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If you’re writing stories for your business, Creative Savants can help you create SEO-optimized content that tells a great story and helps your website rank higher in search results. Their content marketing services ensure your brand’s message reaches the right people at the appropriate time.

Storytelling in Content Writing


Storytelling is a powerful tool that can make your writing come alive. Through the principles of character development, conflict, plot development, and descriptive information, you can write stories that will interest you and even emotionally touch the reader. Even when telling a story about a brand or product, these techniques can be very beneficial in engaging with the audience and successfully delivering specific messages.

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If you want to learn more about storytelling, there are many best books on storytelling available that can help you improve your skills. You can find a brand story template to guide you in creating amazing stories. Remember, the world is packed with tales waiting to be told, and you can say to them!

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