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Paraphrasing in SEO- How to Boost Your Website’s Online Presence Organically – January 2024

Search engine optimization is now an essential aspect of the modern digital world and is crucial for the success of your business or organization. In the last few years, Paraphrasing in SEO has emerged as a completely separate field that is constantly evolving.

One of the most popular search engines, Google, regularly updates its ranking algorithm. To stay relevant in the search engine results, websites must also review and update their content, making it more suitable for the latest algorithmic changes. You must update and adapt your content to the best paraphrasing strategies. This article will discuss how you can organically boost your website.


What is Paraphrasing?

Paraphrasing refers to modifying or improving an already published article. Having a unique piece of article is one of the basic requirements of Google. An average human mind cannot create a piece of content from scratch, which is where paraphrasing comes in.

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Does Google Rank Paraphrased Content?

While paraphrasing has multiple benefits, it also comes with certain disadvantages. Firstly, any content generated by an AI paraphrasing tool will minimize the risk of duplication. Secondly, it will rank on Google at a higher scale, too. However, if you choose a poor rewriter that does not paraphrase properly, then it can cause copyright issues.

Benefits of Paraphrasing in SEO

Now let us discuss how paraphrased content is better for Paraphrasing in SEO strategies:

Paraphrased Content Improves Conciseness

Contents that have complicated vocabulary are challenging to understand for your reader. This is the reason a human paraphraser works best. Only the human mind can rephrase your content in a manner that is comprehendible. 

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A reader-friendly site has a good SEO score and ranks higher on Google’s algorithm. If you need help paraphrasing your content, our expert human paraphrasers are here to help you.

Paraphrasing in SEO Gets Rid Of Plagiarism

Every webmaster faces the issue of plagiarism now and then. Content generated from an AI tool or rephrased through them has a higher chance of plagiarism. It is important to note that plagiarised content is not ranked on Google SEO. With the help of unique paraphrasing techniques, you can remove plagiarism from any content.


Helps to Refine Style and Tone

Paraphrasing in SEO does not only mean that you rewrite an article. If you paraphrase an article correctly, you can even change the tone of your content. Some AI-generated content has a rigid tone that gives the reader a robotic feeling. Human paraphrasers at Creative Savants ensure you can select the tone you want. It not only increases engagement, but it is also increase your SEO ranking.

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Can I Use a Paraphrasing Tool for Paraphrasing in SEO?

Here’s why using a paraphrasing tool can cause your website to get de-ranked on Google:

The Quality of the Content Reduces

Paraphrasing your content with the help of tools can reduce its quality, as the generated text tends to lose its original context. Content that is generated by a poor-quality tool can be detected by Google as a duplicate article. Also search engines only detect articles with correct spelling, proper grammatical structure, and well-written sentences. Therefore, it is always best to paraphrase your article by hiring a professional expert at Creative Savants.

Penalty by Google

Google penalizes any content that even hints at similarity with another article. Plagiarism is a significant offense in the eyes of search engines. Instead of appearing at the top, this red flag can take you to the bottom of the pit.

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Such content may even get you into legal trouble. Plagiarism tools can easily detect plagiarism. You could even get sued if companies find out you have copied their content. If you find it difficult to paraphrase content, get help from expert paraphrasers at Creative Savants.

How to Create a Google Accepted Paraphrased Content?

Paraphrasing is a challenging task to achieve, especially you need a knack for words. In such cases, it is best to leave it to expert paraphrases who can do it on your behalf. An expert paraphraser has the talent to rephrase an old piece of content. Many paraphrasing tools are available online, but they give an AI tone to the content. The expert paraphrasers at Creative Savants can modify the article as per the the tone and style you are looking for.

Online presence

How to Boost Your Website Online Presence Organically?

Launching a website is easy, but boosting website visibility and that, too, organically can be challenging to achieve. If you are finding it daunting to increase your website’s organic traffic and looking for ways to boost website traffic, then here are a few strategies that can help you in these pursuits:

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Blog regularly

Blogging or writing optimized articles helps to add quality content to your website. But when we say that you must write blogs, ensure you are not spamming your website with low-quality content stuffed with keywords.

One of the prime advantages of SEO-friendly paraphrasing techniques is that it keeps the users engaged and helps the search engines, too. You can boost your website and create a list of loyal followers. Just ensure that whatever you publish is authentic and relevant to your niche. It also allows you to make your audience aware of the brand.

Targeting Long-Tail Keywords

Keyword research is essential for writing optimized articles that boost your online presence. When doing this research, you must only include short-tail rather than tailed keywords. With time, Google and the other search engines will recognize your content and suggest your services to others. Remember, if you have a higher rank on Google, you have expertise and influence on that topic.

How to boost online presence

Refurbishing Old Content

Applying these tips will take you to the top of Google ranking, but your ranking will drop as soon as the next better article appears. Therefore, to hold your position, you must continually update your articles. You can do so by paraphrasing the content that you write. Also, to boost your article back to the top, you must look at the contents of other top-ranking websites and write accordingly and will help to increase website views. 

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If you need help paraphrasing your content, contact us now so that our expert team of paraphrasers can help you

Online organic growth


Cross-promotion is a widespread practice many people employ to improve organic online presence. When you collaborate, ensure that you select other services or website owners who have a similar niche but are not your competitors. It is also something that you must have noticed on social media, especially Instagram. Collaboration helps your website reach potential audiences that were inaccessible to you.

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Avoid Plagiarism

Plagiarism is an easy way to discover that you have copied your content from other available sources. There are plenty of plagiarism checkers to detect such content. Therefore, it is essential to avoid copying at all cost. Not only does it questions the originality of your website, but it also affects your strategies for enhancing website SEO. 

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Plagiarism Checking Tools

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