Writers Block top ten tips

Ten Tips to Overcome Writer`s Block

Writers block is something which is not a laughing matter especially if you have ever been afflicted with it, you would know it. For a longer period of time it can impede your writing. It is always tempting to ignore the encountered problem with the positive hope that it will move away. Active extermination is one of the pests for the writer’s block. This is one of the reasons of this article regarding how to overcome writer’s block. You should learn some ways to avoid the writer’s block from happening. You can also find some video tutorials regarding some ways to avoid the writer’s block.

What Is Writer’s Block?

Writers block is a condition where a writer feels unable to proceed with his writing. The writer feels unable to start writing on a new topic. According to some experts it is considered as a genuine disorder while some people also believe that all the matter is in the head. No matter what but the condition of writer’s block is terrible and sometimes it becomes too difficult to remove it. Writer’s block prompts.

What Causes Writers Block?

You can ask anytime what causes the writer’s block. Some famous clinical psychologists tried to work on this issue. For several months after following the group of blocked writers, these psychologists drew a conclusion that writer’s block is caused by four main reasons:

  • Self criticism especially if it gets harsh excessively.
  • Feeling embarrassed in being compared to the other writer’s.
  • Lack of attention and praise and hence external motivation seems missing.
  • Internal motivation lack such as the will to tell one’s tale.

In short, we can also say that, for various feelings of discontent writers block stems with the act of their creative writing. By no means are these feelings irreversible. The writers always start their work with the sense of purpose and excitement. Beating this, i.e., the writer’s block is getting back those feelings. How can you accomplish it is a big question. Let’s find how is it possible and what is the writers block cure?

20 Tips Regarding How To Overcome Writers Block

1.Development Of Proper Routine For Writing:

As per Twyla Tharp, a famous author an artist, creativity is one’s habit and outcome of good working habits is creativity. To some people it might seem counter intuitive but for most of the people creativity is something that flows and ebbs naturally, it is not something that you can schedule.

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You are more likely to get stuck in a tar pit of writer’s block if you only write when you feel creative and gather some ideas. The best way is to discipline yourself in such a way that you work on daily basis. You need to make it your habit. Try to write everyday or every other day.

2.Imperfect Words Can Be Utilized:

To illustrate a concept, some writers spend hours in search of perfect words. This goes fruitless in most of the cases. We can also say that simply write whatever you think, try to stay away from complicated words, sometimes imperfect words make much proper sense. You can recheck your work at the end and sometimes you will find much better substitutes.

3.Non Writing Activities Are Helpful As Well:

Maria Tunney, a famous kid’s book editor determines some best ways to jump out of a writing funk. According to her, the best way is to take yourself out of your own work. Try to see what others are doing. For this purpose, go on an exhibition, you can also spend your time in watching a move, playing or dining out. Try to indulge in something great and find out various ways of crackling your synapses. In this way you can also come back to your work table with new intention, positivist and spark.

4.Free Writing Is Helpful As Well:

Writing for pre set amount of time without a pause is known as free writing. In this particular writing, you just write no grammar, spelling or topic is given consideration. Sometimes whatever you note or jot down appear totally irrelevant to your ongoing project but these things does not matter.

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The ultimate goal of free writing is to work and write without any point of second guess. This particular writing is free of doubts, consciousness and apathy. All these factors contribute a lot in the writer’s block. For this purpose you need to follow some measures:

  • Find appropriate place with good surrounding. The place you need ideally is anything where you are not disturbed or distracted.
  • Pick out the writing tools with you. Whether you are typing at your computer or writing with your pen. You need to sit with all the needed tools with you.
  • Settling on a time limit is a key. Try to set ten minutes at timer and increase this interval gradually as you feel easier with this free writing.

5.First Draft Relaxation:

Perfectionism is something which makes most of the writers suffer. According to a famous editor Lauren Hughes,

Blocks often occur because writers put a lot of pressure on themselves to sound ‘right’ the first time. A good way to loosen up and have fun again in a draft is to give you permission to write imperfectly.

Always keep in mind that perfection is the enemy of good and try to feel free while writing, there shouldn’t be anything agonizing about writing perfect. Going back and editing options are always there. You can also get a second pair of eyes on the manuscript.

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6.No Need To Start With The “Initial Paragraph”:

The most intimidating part of writing for most of the writers is their start up. It is always tough for most of the writers to acknowledge that they have to fill up the entire book with coherent words. Feel at ease and try to be simple, instead of writing with the chronological start up for the content, simply start from the middle or from the place where you feel comfortable and most confident. As you do so, you always feel less pressure to get everything perfect. This will be a sort of warm up for you. You will naturally get warmed up and find the best for start up too.

7.Take A Shower And Get Relaxed:

You need to feel relaxed while writing. You might have noticed that most of the creative ideas generate under shower or while you are doing anything mindless. Scientifically there are some reasons for it as well. It has been proven that as you are walking, taking shower, cleaning, and the brain goes on something known as “autopilot” during which you leave your logic driven restrictions. You can also say that sometimes it is very creative to dream big and to day dream. This will create some connections which you would have missed otherwise.

8.Your Inner Critic Needs To Be Balanced:

The inner critic is sometimes too harsh and in the same way, it is sometimes more friendly. Many famous writers and editors such as Stephen King, Charles Bukowski, and Margaret Atwood struggled with the same. It is in fact, hard press to find someone who has not been blocked by his inner critic.

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Most of the world successful writers have one thing in common; they hear their inner critic and try to learn some positive points out of it in order to move ahead. That critical voice is always important and you don’t need to ignore it completely. You are also not supposed to cower before it as well. You cannot ignore this critical voice as it is valuable for your better writing. You need to establish a well balanced and respectful relationship to determine what is needed and what is insecure.

9.Tool Switch Up:

You might already know the fact that scenery changes are helpful for the writer’s block. On the other hand, it does not mean your physical location. Sometimes you get a big help by simply changing your writing tool. For example, if you are trying on the choice of word processor, try to switch yourself to pen.

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If you are fed up of using Google Docs, you can always have an option to switch to any writing software. Reedsy Book editor is recommended by most of the famous writers for this purpose. Sometimes, to increase your productivity, a smaller shift can make a huge difference.

10.Changing POV:

The Editor Lauren Hughes leaves a great piece of advice for most of the fresh writers. According to him, try to see your story from another perspective when blocked. This will be helpful in moving beyond the block. Changing your perspective temporarily can add some news eyes and in this way you observe the things clearly. We also see the areas where improvement is required and the ways to proceed.

11.Work Out Your Most Creative Muscles:

You need practice to improve your skills and for the writing skills it is particularly important. Whenever you feel stuck, you need to bolster your potential by strengthening scribble session. You can check out a list of writing strategies and work outs before getting started.

12.Mapping Out The Story:

You can take a more structured approach if at any time you find that your story has stopped chugging along. For this purpose you need to write an outline specifically. You can solve your current block by figuring out the trajectory of the story also it prevents future blocks. The famous author Tom Evans suggests that

What happens [when you start outlining] is that the information that you need to write that following chapter has an uncanny way of just showing up. There are a few reasons for that, but basically your brain tunes in to what you need to write… and the chapter just flows.

This sounds truly great. Even if you have eschewed outlining, try it and it can surely cure the writer’s block.

13.Write Other Things:

Though trying is important to push through writer’s block but sometimes, it becomes impossible. Feel free to push your current piece to the side for now if you are banging your head against your story for a long time, try to write something new.

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This will be helpful in many ways, it can maintain your writing schedule and also it can allow your thoughts to simmer subconsciously. You can make conceptual progress while doing it even if you are not actually writing what you are supposed to write. Come back to your original writing with new and fresh ideas.

14.Work On Your Characters:

Most of the stories are really about characters at their core. If your characters are not well defined you can move into the writer’s block. Don’t despair if this sounds like you. To get your character up to the code here are some great resources and ideas:

  • Workouts for character development, this will allow you flesh out your story characters into 3-D people with ambitions, fears, flaws and powers.
  • Character based profile comes with a handy template which you can use to acknowledge your cast in real. This helps you to create a detailed character profile.
  • The character motivations are significant aspect of all the characters. You need to implement in your own characters the realistic motivations.

15.Don’t Write For Your Readers:

You are sometimes advised to write to market especially if you are not an experienced author. If you write purely for the publishing purpose the pressure and expectations of other people are the factors which inhibit your creative skills and also these act as a major writer’s block.

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What you need to do it to simply throw the market out the window and try to write for yourself. Forget about your potential readers; be pure with your thoughts and words. You can reclaim the joy of being creative by doing this and also you stay connected to real matters.

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16.Visual Process Can Be Tried As Well:

Whenever you feel short of words, get into the visual and forget them. You need to create some maps and drawings, the structures of Lego etc which are linked directly to the content of your story. Do anything to unblock your mind. There are several apps as well such as inkflow which you can try as they work like a visual word processor.

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In this way according to your wish you can easily move your ideas. If you like to outline by placing the sticky notes at the wall you can get tremendous help from this app.

17.Look Out For The Root:

The writer’s block is sometimes a concern which is deeper than a lack of inspiration. Dig deeply and find out why you are blocked in actual. Don’t hesitate to ask some questions from your own self.

  • Is there any sort of pressure from the competitor or a pressure to get succeeded?
  • Have I missed the sight of the content of the story?
  • Is there anything lacking in my potential especially the confidence?
  • Do I feel intimidated by the mere act since I have not written for so long?
  • Am I tired and exhausted with my current work?

You will find many solutions to each of these problems. For example, if you have a huge pressure to succeed, you need to acknowledge that writing something itself is an accomplishment. If you are feeling exhausted and drained, you need to take a break. Find out the root cause of that particular block. The time when you will identify the root cause of the block it will become easier for you to finish the work.

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18.Stay Away From Internet Especially Social Media:

Staying focused is a biggest challenge for most of the writers, if your will power is not too strong; try a site blocker such as Freedom. This is an ideal solution to writer’s block for most of the writers. As this happens the computer turns into a type writer and in this way without any distractions you can finish your goals.

19.Let The Words Seek You:

There are some cases when you are unable to find appropriate words; this is the time when seriously you need a break. You can go for a walk, shower, dinner or tea. You can even use an app which helps you to get flowing with your words.

20.Hemingway Writing Style:

Self doubts about your own specific purpose act as a biggest block. Suggestions are offered by Hemingway for the enhancement of your writing skills. The suggestions include various topics such as using a forceful verb, use of active voice instead of writing in a passive voice. As per some creative and renowned writers, this app is so sharp that it can even offer editorial feedback to write.

Some other points which are needed to be considered while facing writer’s block include:

When a person composes any form of written material that is not solely based on the rules of the language. It is an individual’s expression of thought in the most freeing of ways. We humans live and breathe words. We compare ourselves and relate to our favorite characters. However, it’s far too easy to read and love a story, a poem et cetera than it is to write it. Anxiety, doubts and fear of how people will react to our work, causes the best of us to experience writer’s block.

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So here are the (Top Ten Tips) for you, my dear fellow writers that are personally tried and tested, to help you out:

1.Take A Deep Breath:

Nobody is born a writer. We all become one (and writer’s block) happens to EVERYONE. It’s very common -hence the name, and there’s absolutely no need for you to stress about it. Relax and just breathe (go on, do it). Don’t pressurize yourself. Take a moment to calm yourself and re-organize your thoughts. Please don’t stress out.

2.Change Your Position:

Have you been sitting in the same position for the past couple of hours? Get up and move around. Sometimes while trying and failing to write, we fall in a funk. Get up and do some exercise to get your blood flowing.

3.Get Some Fresh Air:

Combining both the previously mentioned tip and this one as a sure fire way to get that bout of creativity you desire. Go out and get some fresh breeze on your face. Nothing helps kicking away that (insufferable writer’s block) than a change in environment.

4.Have A Snack (This Is My Favorite):

Maybe all you really need is some energy. Have a bite of your favorite snack with a cup of tea, coffee even hot chocolate. Once again, do not stress out.

5.Do Not Stop Writing:

This is the absolute worst thing you can do to yourself and your work. Refusing to write until inspiration hits you? Never works for anyone. Trust me; I was dumb enough to try it. So, go on, write down whatever comes to mind. Even if you end up throwing it out later, write it down. Remember, all (great works) were once first, second or even tenth drafts in the beginning.

As Saul Bellow; a Canadian-American writer, once said;

You never have to change anything you got up in the night to write.

6.Feel Your Work:

If you don’t feel passionately about what you’re writing, you will neither end up completing nor will your readers feel it even if you do end up publishing it. If your work won’t make you laugh or cry, it’s not going to do squat for your readers. Find a topic that speaks to you on a deeper level.

7.Use A Pen/Pencil:

I always find it easier to pen down my thoughts directly with a pencil and a book rather than directly typing it. I’m sure it’ll work for you as well.

8.Find And Use Inspiration:

If you think your work should be completely original, you’re in for a bad awakening my fellow writer. Each and everything has been done before. Plagiarism is wrong but getting ideas and help isn’t. Read books, poems, short stories. Read. Read and keep on reading until you start writing.

9.Change Your Routine:

Do you have a specific time of the when you sit down to write? Do you often get idea for your work while in the middle of something else? Change your timings. And always keep a pen and a paper nearby to note down whatever thoughts you have right that instance.


Get some sleep. Over thinking and freaking out will get you nowhere. So take a nap and re-start once you’re mentally rested. And keep the creative juices going.

Sylvia Plath, an American poet, novelist and short story writer, advises in ‘The Unabridged Journals of Sylvia Plath;

And by the way, everything in life is writable about if you have the outgoing guts to do it and the imagination to improvise. The worst enemy of creativity is self-doubt.

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