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The Ultimate Guide on How to Getting Study Assistance From Friends

Study Assistance From Friends The Ultimate Guide

Whether you are in high school or college, many people believe that studying for continuous long hours is the best way to become a straight-A student.

However, this may not be the case because it is nearly impossible and frustrating to memorize a vast amount of information in a short time.

As a matter of fact, several studies show that most model straight-A students spend less time studying but more time studying effectively.

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There are several ways that students can study effectively. One of them is getting study assistance from your friends.

While some students prefer to study alone, it often leads to boredom, and eventually, the learner becomes distracted. Alternatively, when you choose to study with friends, you will likely reap multiple benefits in your learning experience.

Below are ways you can get practical study assistance from your friends.

1. Find the Right Friend

There is no single study method for method since every student has different abilities and learning techniques.

Before you seek study assistance from anyone, begin by understanding the type of learner you are and which study approaches work best for you.

From there, consider the following factors before approaching a friend for study assistance:

Consider your study goals

Determine the study areas where you need assistance, and note your strengths and weaknesses in these areas.

Also, consider the type of study buddy you would prefer in general and the type of assistance you expect to receive from them.

It is also helpful to factor in where you will study and the type of person you would like to study with when it comes to personality traits.

Observe your friends

When looking for study assistance from friends, begin by first observing their studying techniques and their attitude towards studying in general.

Consider how they ask questions in class and whether they make intriguing and well-thought-out comments concerning a particular topic.

Consider where your friends like to study

Although it may not matter to some, finding a friend who enjoys studying in the same areas or areas with a similar environment to where you enjoy studying plays a role in effective studying.

For instance, if you enjoy reading in the library or café, chances are the two of you will be more comfortable in such areas.

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2. Make a Study Schedule

Since different learners have different learning approaches, you must create a study schedule that suits both of you.

Find regular times that you can both interact without any interruptions and save it to a shared file space, like Google Docs or OneDrive, for easy access and editing.

It is also advisable to set aside time for extra study sessions, especially if you have exams coming up or a short deadline for an assignment.

However, you can get the services of a professional essay helper to assist with urgent tasks.

3. Find Out Effective Means of Communicating and Connecting

After finding the ideal friend to become your study partner, the next step is to establish a reliable means of communication, especially if you do not live close to each other.

Communication is a vital part of any successful study session with other people. You can choose to meet physically on specific days at specific times in a location you both find convenient.

Alternatively, you can also opt to use online platforms with efficient communication tools to share files and collaborate on assignments or video conferences.

Choose the best way and means of communication that works best for both of you. Such a choice is as important as adopting a healthy lifestyle because you will build relations.

4. Share Resources, Study Notes, Workload, and References

Depending on your strengths and weaknesses, allocate study topics and assignments to enable you to learn from each other and share your opinions.

Give clear guidelines on how each of you will contribute to the topic and each of your expectations.

It is also helpful to share any resources and references to keep each other motivated to learn more.

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5. Be Ready to Teach and Test Each Other

When getting study assistance from friends, allow them to use their own words to explain a specific topic or concept. In turn, this ensures that you understand and effectively consolidate your learning.

Take turns to teach and test each other on particular topics or concepts and avoid reading from your notes.

Final Thoughts

Finding the right friend to help you study is a sure way to improve your chances of becoming a successful student.

Not only does it make learning easier and more fun, but it also helps in creating accountability and building teamwork.

However, studying with friends can also lead to procrastination and socialization if not done correctly. Thus, it is crucial to follow the tips mentioned above and stick to them.

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