poverty in american society

Poverty in American society

Poverty In American Society

David Grusky is an American Sociologist and a director of Center of poverty and inequality in Stanford University. According to him, the main reason of poor people in America is the social segregation and the problem of poverty could be resolved if this one main issue is eliminated from the society. Social segregation involves inequality in education and residence. David explains that people living with poverty live in poor neighborhoods and they are segregated from rich neighborhoods. They do not have access to colleges that results in the persistence of poverty.

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He thinks that poor people can be eliminated from society if residential segregation is delegitimized. The connection between poverty and economic residential segregation is certainly casual. The residence of a person matters in terms of his economic and social success. According to David Gursky’s idea, the poverty can be reduced by producing a less equal society which can be produced by adequate education availability for everyone or rationing of education and reducing residential segregation but these changes seem to be very difficult to undertake.

Poverty In South America

The more differentiated societies have more standards and requirements of their livings and expenditures and this is equal to impossible to change these standards. This is due to the inequality in every field while the solution is to lower the income inequality. To implement these policies require the same level of education for everyone that is not done yet, or it would result in civil disagreements. The spatial concentration of poverty in south America and there are racial and ethnic reasons behind it.

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The elevated levels of salary difference are combined with significant levels of racial or ethnic isolation, topographically thought destitution definitely results. Under states of high racial isolation, the more poverty made during a time of rising imbalance is consumed by few thickly settled, racially homogeneous regions that are grouped together firmly in the more established urban center. Without such isolation, the extra destitution would be disseminated all the more broadly all through the metropolitan region.

Poverty In Latin America

In spite of the fact that the execution of fruitful strategies to raise normal salaries, lower salary disparity, and decrease class isolation would unmistakably bring down the spatial disengagement of the urban poor, arrangements to advance the integration of urban culture would most likely have a significantly more prominent impact, given isolation’s basic job in deciding how these variables create concentrated neediness.

How Many People Live in the United States

In the most ideal of all arrangement universes, obviously, the two procedures could be sought after all the while. High caliber early years education can conquer a portion of the burdens looked by youngsters from poor families, with the measure of money distributed having any kind of effect to results. Access to the early year education is variable poor people in America with the most unfortunate youngsters regularly having the least great arrangement.

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This proposes the Government could: set up a steady way to deal with early years learning over the states, ensure use on early years arrangement and keep on driving up nature of early years arrangement particularly in impeded regions.


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Poverty in American society

Reasons Why Cutting Poverty Is Good for Our Nation

Since many kids and adults living in United States in poverty are facing various economic hardships, at every economic level reducing the overall poverty rate is public good and American society. Here are some of the main reasons why cutting the poverty is ideal for United States and its overall economic strength. There are many causes of poverty in American society especially the poverty in Latin America.

Poverty has more affects on Americans than we can ever consider:

What are the primary causes of poverty in Central America? It has been estimated that more than 15 percent Americans are living under the line of poverty. This survey was conducted in 2010. 100 million Americans at the same time were seen to be struggling to get by lower incomes and having lower earnings which are less than 44,700 a year for a family of four.

During 2004 to 2007 as much as 32 percent of Americans had a spell of poverty lasting two or more months. The chronic poverty was lower as well during the same time. It is clear that economic insecurity has pushed Americans into poverty and risk of falling into poverty at some phase of their lives. Poverty in South America is much more prevalent and mapping the poverty in America is the ultimate aim of US government.


Rising poverty among children is particularly harmful to society:

According to poverty in America society by documentary, 22 percent of people live below the official line of poverty and this is one in five children. Children born to the families under poverty line are at increased risk of lower cognitive development, increased public benefit reliance, educational attainment, increased incarceration rates etc.

As a result of it, children growing up in poverty are likely to have lesser earnings. This also indicates that they are not supposed to grow up and take positive part in the US economy or society. It is actually the cycle of poverty in America which is likely to affect many US citizens.

Poverty increases health risks

According to Poverty in America statistics 2015, poverty in American society  increases various health risks. The children born in poor families are likely to suffer from reduced birth weights, food insecurity and as a result their healthy development is impaired. These individuals experience higher disease rates and disabilities.

The other health concerns are also common in such people such as high blood pressure, increased blood cholesterol levels, diabetes etc. The conditions are generally caused by the lack of health insurance and lack of access to the medical care in the families living under poverty line.

 Poverty weakens families

The families with lower income or the families living under the line poverty in American society , face a lot of economic pressure since it is not possible for them to pay their bills and make ends meet. As a result of this acute economic pressure some other stressful events are caused which are seen to be more prevalent in poor families resulting in psychological distress, depression and anxiety in poor families. This anxiety makes them short tempered and result in increased risk of divorce. Hence the effects of poverty in America society are devastating.


Solutions to end poverty in US:

Here are some immediate solutions to reduce poverty in American society; ending poverty in America would be easier by taking the following measures:

  • Increase in employment
  • Increase in salaries
  • Paid sick leaves and family leaves
  • End mass incarceration
  • Investment in high quality childcare and education for all
  • Some immediate immigration reforms.

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