Importance of Taking Notes

importance of Taking Notes

Teachers try to incorporate the importance of taking notes in students when they enter Middle school but only manage to make them dependent on hand given notes which they then copy paste in their assignments. The skill and art of note taking has been lost as the only method the students use to learn involves basic memorizing of notes and not actually how to creatively use their minds and make the notes their own.


Each day we go out in the world to learn new skills and gain knowledge and yet hundreds of students in our country are incapable of making their own notes or even have the slightest idea as to why this skill is extremely important in our everyday life.

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Note taking is basically the practice of recording information from various sources. By taking notes the writer records the essence of the information freeing their mind from the responsibilities of remembering each and every detail. However, do not get confused between ‘note-taking’ and ‘note-making’. Note taking is an important process that allows a person to have a written permanent record of all the information of the lecture that may be missing from the guide books. While on the other hand, note-making is a much more focused and active task in which a person collects all the information while making sense of it himself and then putting it in order in his own words.

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Why is Note Taking Important?

Note taking is an integral part of a student’s life. Following are the benefits of note taking:

When you take notes while attending a lecture, you concentrate more on the lecturer’s words and understand more as well thus making your notes sensible enough to be understood later on.

It also teaches you how to prioritize. Just keep in mind that not each and every word should be noted down. This again is a skill you need to master so as to discern what is important enough to be noted down and how it is related to what you have already written.

Notes are also a permanent record of what one has read and/or listened to in all of their classes. This helps one revise in the future for examinations.

Note taking keeps a person alert. It keeps one’s mind and body active, involved and helps one avoid feelings of drowsiness and distraction.


A person who develops the habit of note taking will find it the most appreciated and rewarding when it comes to essay writing, reports or any other comparative analysis of some prevailing facts. These people go on to become the most successful in their lives without  any confusion and frustrations at missing out or forgetting important data and information.

A person who is good at note taking also gains exceptional organizing skills, as prioritizing content and organizing them all is the key to success.

While writing an essay, note taking is considered an extremely important activity as an essay can never come into existence without relevant and logical material. And to gather relevant materials one has to:


Think clearly about a subject or topic before the process of note taking can begin.

Ask yourself questions about the topic while taking notes. Where? When? What? Who? Why? And How? Answer these questions by yourself as well.

Organize and arrange your material.

Edit the final notes and omit any material that may seem too trivial.

Remember, good notes should be accurate, clear and concise. 

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