What Colleges Offer Online Degrees?

What Colleges Offer Online Degrees?

The emergence of online learning came at such an opportune moment in human history. It arrived when millions of people worldwide are living in the fast lane of life. Most of them juggle their busy lives and classes. However, online learning portals have given these students the once elusive opportunity to do so on the go.

For instance, in the USA, the National Center for Education Statistics reveals that about 3.1 million tertiary education students enrolled for online certifications in fall 2017 alone. Most of those who enrolled joined undergraduate studies. This case is not unique to the US because the trend is similar across other nations. So, what US colleges would you choose from to advance your career online? This post discusses the leading public and private American colleges offering Internet-based degree courses from undergraduate to doctorate. Read on to make an informed decision.

University of Florida

During their search, the tertiary education experts from legitimate service found this institution as one of the leading hubs for web-based courses. This iconic college admits all applicants from undergraduate upwards. The college’s web-based courses zero on business admin. Moreover, you can enroll for other individual non-degree certifications. It admits more than 400,000 scholars for Internet-based studies.

For freshman applicants, they need high school diplomas or an equivalent, a decent SAT or ACT score, and a minimum 2.0 GPA. Anyone seeking to transfer with less than 60 college credits must submit their secondary school and college transcripts plus their SAT or ACT score. However, those seeking to transfer their certifications with over 60 college credits must submit a 2.0 GPA in each past college course-related work.

Lastly, the college is fully accredited by all the relevant tertiary level bodies in the USA, locally and nationally.

Purdue University

For applicants seeking an American college with an international flair for web-based studies, Purdue University stands out as one of the favorite choices. This public not-for-profit entity offers a 100% online-based course. Its courses target busy workers. Moreover, applicants can choose from over 175 courses that start from certificates to Ph.D.’s. Some of these courses represent crash programs that run for 6-10 weeks.

To secure a place here, you must have a secondary school diploma, among other mandatory requirements. You can also earn transfer credits for your prior professional experience or academic certifications. Also, the institution has all the relevant accreditations from local and national organs.

University of Minnesota-Online

This institution is another perfect option for those seeking to advance their education via the Internet. It has a wide pool of under- and postgraduate degrees – 17 first-degree courses and 10 undergrad certificates for online studies.

Its Bachelor’s degree courses constitute 120 credits, and you can pursue them within 48 months. For those who wish to pursue minors, the college has 17 minors in various subjects such as finance, writing, communications, and accountancy. Moreover, those with enough time can pursue certificates alongside their undergraduate degrees since some certificates take a mere five weeks.

Its admission qualifications differ based on the program at hand. Most of them require applicants to submit their high school transcripts and college credits. However, applicants opting for its Crookston web-based courses don’t need to submit their SAT or ACT scores. Lastly, the college enjoys full certification from all the relevant local and federal bodies.

University of Arizona

This institution is another favorite choice for students who seek to further their studies online. The college has accreditations from all the relevant bodies regulating tertiary level institutions. Additionally, it enrolls close to 45,000 students and over 4,000 web-based scholars.

It has 110 online courses ranging from certificates to degrees. Its diversified selection of web-based courses makes it one of the best online colleges in and outside the US. Some of its packages take as few as 7.5 weeks. It also has six admission dates annually, and all its distance learning students pay a uniform fee irrespective of where they live on earth. Access to technical help and academic advice is available 24/7.

#5 University of Missouri

This higher learning institution is the pioneering university in this region of the USA. After its inception in 1839, it has been the pioneering school of journalism in the world, admitting 30,000+ learners from over 100 nations both on-campus and online.

It has over 125 Net-based degrees and certificates, thus, ranking as one of the best American online colleges. If you opt to go for its online courses, you can take them at your own pace or per semester. Should you opt for your own pace, you can study for up to six months. Also, you can start these programs at any time of the year whenever you find it convenient. Lastly, you can access study materials using your mobile gadgets, thus studying on the go becomes a breeze.

UMass Online

For those seeking an American college with the best web-based courses, this college stands out as a favorite option. It has 113 Internet-based courses. Moreover, it offers 12 extra programs students can complete by blending online and on-campus studies. Students who enroll for its Net-based and distance learning studies also have the right to attend graduations on its campus and academic assistance from its professors.

Everglades University

Everglades is another choice for web-based degrees. Its staff creates and delivers courses within an interactive online atmosphere, while its online and offline courses are fully accredited by all the relevant bodies regulating other tertiary level institutions. Therefore, you can take your studies peacefully knowing that nobody can question your degree’s validity.

Web-based degree courses have become popular with many students in the US and outside. Their convenience and affordability have made them an ideal choice for busy students. With this knowledge on seven leading American colleges offering these certifications, we hope you are better placed to make the right choice to race towards your career.

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