The Best Online Materials for Study Assistance

The Best Online Materials for Study Assistance

Other than social networking platforms and cat videos, the internet offers us a whole world of resources and information available at our fingertips.

Students can access databases, tools, archives, updated commentaries, and many more through the internet.

However, they often have to look through unlimited advertisements, notifications, and questionable content that create distractions and challenge their productive capacity.

Luckily, several online materials from various educational application software programs provide study assistance to those in need.

These online materials have bountiful information on any topic, allowing you to save money and organize your study schedule accordingly.

Below are online materials guaranteed to furnish you with practical study assistance:

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1. Coursera

Coursera is an excellent and reputable online learning resource specializing in more than 5,300 areas of study. Likewise, the platform has multiple degree courses, specializations as well as free learning materials.

It has partnerships with many top-tier universities and other partners. As a result, this forum specializes in offering various studies on Health, Math and Logic, Computer Science, Data Science, Business, and Psychology, among many others.

Below are some unique attributes of this online education platform.

Offers Accredited Degrees From Various Reputable Universities

Due to its partnership with over 200 globally renowned universities, such as Princeton, Stanford, and the Imperial College, Coursera offers affordable accredited degrees.

Students go through modular learning sessions, which occur at their own pace and from their homes’ comfort.

In addition, you can get such tutoring services when you hire an expert from a reliable paper writing service.

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Affordable Tuition Costs

Depending on your availability and preferred topic, the course fees on this platform vary considerably.

However, they are substantially lower than regular campus-based courses. Furthermore, you will find tons of free Coursera online courses to enable you to advance in your career or schoolwork without having to pay more money.

However, you will not get a certificate or grading upon completing such courses.

High-Quality Courses

Coursera has multiple studying materials, which are further split into subtopics, giving interested learners more course options.

Expert lecturers from top-tier Universities and world-class companies administer these courses, ensuring they receive the best quality of learning content.

2. Harvard Online Courses

If you want online learning materials for STEM or various business development topics, then the Harvard Online Courses is the ideal study assistance source.

As a Harvard University program, it provides learners with special projects and various courses, free or costing a small fee.

The minimum cost for courses that require payment is between $25 to a couple of thousands.

The available courses contain lectures from renowned professors from Harvard and relevant extra study assistance materials.

Learners study at their own pace, and every audio or video study material has a transcript for better access by different people.

Although there are multiple courses available on this program, most of them come with registration deadlines as this earning resource can only support a few hundred courses at a time.

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3. Khan Academy

Khan Academy is an online non-profit learning forum that provides free and high-quality educational experiences to various students.

It gives priority to conventional academic subjects. The platform utilizes both text-based and video study materials to provide various ‘micro-lectures.’

Whether you are looking for online learning material in economics, math, physics, chemistry, or IT, Khan Academy has it.

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4. Open Yale Courses

The Open Yale Courses provide an extensive range of courses and lectures from Yale University.

Each course topic includes plenty of material, like suggested readings, tests, and a comprehensive series of lecture videos from Yale professors.

The program offers multiple courses at a time, and they undergo a regular rotation to include new options. Some of the available studies are those related to physics, biology, or political science.

5. Udemy

Another popular online learning application with plenty of online material is Udemy. It offers several courses that cost between $10 and $500, based on their complexity, class size, and instructor.

The program provides several online courses on regular academic topics and several business skills.

Furthermore, there is a rating system for all courses on this platform, allowing a new user to view student feedback about particular classes on the forum.

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Final Thoughts on the Best Online Materials for Study Assistance

There are plenty of online learning materials available on the internet.

Depending on your learning needs and budget, you can choose those that cover your study topic and review their videos, documents, and references to supplement further you’re the knowledge you already have on it.

Furthermore, these online learning resources also help in increasing productivity and understanding among students.

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