Why Do CBD Gummies Make Me Sleepy?

For those looking to get started with incorporating CBD into your daily routine, you need to understand its effects on your body first. Without really understanding what happens to you after taking CBD, you might find its results surprising.

As most people are likely hoping to use CBD during the day, especially in the morning before work, the first thing you need to think about is drowsiness.

Though it isn’t a common complaint, some people find that taking CBD gummies tends to make them sleepy.

But is this true? Do CBD gummies actually make you sleepy?

What Are CBD Gummies?

To get started understanding whether or not CBD gummies make you sleep or not, you need to understand what CBD gummies are, to begin with.

First of all, CBD is a cannabinoid from hemp plants that interacts with your body in a variety of different ways. Thanks to its interaction with your endocannabinoid system, it can elicit all kinds of different effects.

CBD gummies are a specific type of CBD product and are a sweet that is usually made from gelatin, containing a measured dose of CBD oil. It is really nothing more than a sweet and tasty way to enjoy CBD oil, without having to deal with the irritation of any off-flavors with regular CBD oil.

However, the use of gelatin is a problem for vegans or those with aversions against eating meat. This isn’t too big of an issue, though, as you can easily find all kinds of gelatin substitutes at places like Premium Jane.

By replacing the gelatin with other ingredients like propylene glycol, manufacturers manage to provide all kinds of vegan-friendly alternatives.

But why do people actually use CBD gummies? What is the reason for taking them, especially compared to other types of CBD?

Why Do People Take CBD?

The reasons many people take CBD are to do with its effects on the body’s endocannabinoid system.

In the same way that taking regular cannabis can affect your body in an array of different ways, so too can CBD. However, the difference is that CBD does not induce a psychoactive response in the body, meaning that it will not get you high whatsoever.

People take CBD to help them with a variety of different conditions, as well as just to help improve their lives on a day to day basis.

The reason why people prefer using CBD gummies over other types of CBD is their incredible ease of use. It is much easier to chew on a CBD gummy rather than smoking CBD-rich cannabis or imbibing some CBD oil.

Additionally, most CBD gummy manufacturers will fill their CBD gummies with all sorts of sweet and exciting flavors. From mixed berry to lemon and honey, CBD gummies are easily one of the most flavorful ways to dose yourself with cannabinoids.

But what about making you sleepy? Is there any risk that CBD gummies could make you sleepy?

Do CBD Gummies Make You Sleepy?

Cannabinoids and sleepiness have always been considered to have a link. Lots of people smoke specific strains of cannabis for their soporific properties to help them overcome insomnia or a general inability to sleep.

However, CBD oil is fundamentally different from regular cannabis, so it shouldn’t have the same effect, right?

Well, unfortunately, we don’t really know. The world of cannabinoids is still a developing mystery to the scientific world, and research is slowly but steadily uncovering more knowledge about CBD and cannabinoids in general.

When it comes to sleepiness, we cannot say for sure. It is certainly true that some people report sleepiness as a result of taking CBD gummies, but is that always the case?

The critical thing to remember is that cannabinoids affect everyone entirely differently. Unique body chemistries and individual genetics mean that different people have different reactions to the same thing.

This is probably why some people report feeling sleepy after taking CBD gummies, and some people even report the opposite – that they feel more awake!

Final Thoughts: Why Do CBD Gummies Make Me Sleepy?

Predicting your exact reaction to CBD gummies is almost impossible because they affect everyone differently.

While there are certain interactions that CBD has with the endocannabinoid system that we do understand, there is still so much more that we don’t.

So, the next time you go to buy CBD gummies, keep in mind that you may feel sleepy after taking them. It entirely depends on you, your body, and your individual response.

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