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Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt attended an Oklahoma school in his early years before moving to neighbour Norman. He is known to be a former Tulsa Mortgage Bank and business leader.  He attended Wayne School as said in the opening speech on January 14, 2019.

What do these people represent ( who represents me )

Conservative Republican governor Kevin Stitt engages himself in political activity in the state capital and leads Oklahoma to the top ten for prosperity, education, infrastructure, healthcare, and government efficiency.

Stitt is a businessman from Oklahoma who in the year 2000 founded the Gateway Mortgage for just $1,000. Stitt has grown Gateway into a national mortgage company having 1l64 offices and 1,200 employees. Stitt is committed to bringing his proven business experience to the state government, where he will place Oklahoma’s checkbook online, apply performance indicators, and review each department.

Oklahoma lawmaker

  1. Rep. Charles McCall representing district 22 is the Speaker of the House.

Charles McCall is the Speaker of the Oklahoma House of Representatives. He was first elected Speaker of the 56th Session of the Oklahoma Assembly and re-elected as Speaker of the 57th Session of the Oklahoma Legislative Assembly. In Southeast Texas, he was the first Republican spokesman. Speaker McCall served House 22 and was first elected to Parliament in 2012.

  1. Rep. Harold Wright representing district 57 is the Speaker Pro Tempore

He is the CEO of Oklahoma, graduated from Oklahoma State University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1971. While in college, his interest in broadcasting began while working at university and community radio stations. Wright worked for the production and distribution of the Broadcasting Corporation in Weatherford, Oklahoma.

oklahoma lawmaker


Governor Kevin Stitt revised his executive order on Friday to put all 77 Oklahoma-affected counties in a state of emergency. Some areas suffered severe strong winds, tornadoes, floods, and small hailstones due to severe weather and continued heavy rainfall. Officials said damage assessments are still ongoing and some areas will not be able to complete the assessment until flood subsidies are provided.

State agencies can make emergency purchases under executive orders to facilitate the allocation of resources to local jurisdictions.

The statement also marks the first step in calling for federal assistance when necessary. The Oklahoma Emergency Management Agency continues to allow residents affected by recent floods and storms to report the damage to their property. Reporting damage can help local and state emergency managers better coordinate response and recovery efforts. Residents can report the damage to an agricultural business or home through an online survey.

Oklahoma’s authorities have told the public that donating to prominent charities is the best way to support Oklahoma’s emergency or disaster survivors. Cash donations can help survivors or relief organizations buy what they need, when and where they need it.

The Governor’s Concern.

Oklahoma led the nation in the number of tribal gaming casinos within a few years and was reaching the highest in terms of revenue from gambling. Nonetheless, the Oklahoma tribal gaming industry and its economic impact on our state have been a tremendous success and have developed into a big business. The gaming industry generates annual revenue of about $4.5 billion for the tribe and has the world’s largest casino. From that public voice, it can be heard that he is most interested in the game.

Please state if you feel represented.

After being elected Governor, he decided to select a public school superintendent, which would give the government greater power over the citizens in public education. Governor Kevin Stitt did not specify whether he wanted the job to be filled or whether a decision would be made by the State Board of Education. Oklahoma says Stitt appointed six of the seven members to the board.

Stitt told the newspaper he was frustrated by his insufficient ability to influence educational policies. When the four million citizens voted, it was believed he should be able to march into education and take a couple of different steps to achieve results. In conclusion and personally,

I want to see improvements in the field of education, but I think the governor lags behind in this regard. So I really don’t have a governor’s representative. Based on location, the zip code for my area is 73118.

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