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How to Write an Introduction Paragraph -January-2024

Just like the way you introduce yourself to others, introduction paragraph is also about introducing your essay or dissertation to the reader. The introduction paragraph of an essay or article tells the reader that what is he going to read in the essay, and how will the essay unfold its procedure and structure.
Being the first paragraph of an essay, an introduction must be clear and informative so that the reader may know in advance the important aspects of the essay. So, at this point of introduction paragraph the writer should ensure the following points:

Content is capable for attracting and retaining the reader.

Content effectively contextualizes the problem.

Content contains all important information about the topic.

Content is clear and understandable.

Content clearly defines the important procedures and steps.

What is an Introduction?

Essay introduction paragraph is the first detailed paragraph which reader comes across, and where he/she gets to know about the significance of the study. This is the reason that why people wonder about how to write an abstract and about how to begin an essay by writing an effective introduction section.

Example of introduction paragraph
Although readers read abstract of the paper to understand about the main points which the writer will discuss in the paper, however, an introduction paragraph structure tells the reader the procedures and information in detail. So, introduction paragraph also plays a vital role in retaining the interest of the reader, and in defining him clearly that how significant the study can be for his/her understanding and research.

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How to Start an Introduction Paragraph| What to Include?

You may come across various introductory paragraph examples online, but this will never be sufficient to understand about how to write a introduction paragraph. So, it’s necessary to understand that what to include in an introduction paragraph to make it effective and informative. Here are the following steps which must be included in the introduction paragraph format. Learning about these steps will tell the writer about what to put in an intro paragraph.

Utilize Hooks to Start an Essay

Best way to start an essay is to include a sentence which may trigger the reader’s attention. Here, the First sentence of an essay is the real hook sentence which grabs the reader’s attention and focus. This can be any form such as can be an interesting fact or statistics, it can be a question, or it can also be an interesting quote to grab the interest. So, the question arises that how to write a good hook for an essay.

Good hooks to start an essay contain the words which may make the reader curious or interested in studying the whole content. These words raise the concern that why the readers should read the content and why this topic matters to get researched. So, the good opening sentences for essays set the stage for the readers by targeting their interest, and which make them aware in advance about the importance of the topic.

Examples of sentences to start an essay include:

  • Technological advancement causes many disadvantages, along with its advantages.
  • Despite the various benefits of technological advancements, its challenges for its users can also never be ignored.
  • Social stratification is the distribution of statuses and classes within the society, which increases the chances of inequality and long run poverty.
  • The relative division of people according to their status and wealth under social stratification’ condition, has always contributed highly towards increasing inequality and poverty in the society.

Components of introduction paragraph

The upper given introduction paragraph examples describe that how writing the sentences simply can be uninteresting to read. So, the hooks to start an essay should be interesting to read which must differ from reading a simple sentence which anybody can write. A hook can also be in form of a question, as starting an essay with a question make the reader curious about getting the answer by reading the whole paper. 

Questions are effective tools for writing a hook statement, which may raise the concern and may make the reader to think about the topic in advance. So, in order to write a hook, question you should think about what question can be asked from the readers before starting the detailed explanation. Hook essay examples in form of questions include:

  • Technology has eased our ways of performing daily routine tasks, but have you ever wondered that how it is contributing towards addiction and time disburse?
  • Do you know why top business companies are failing at satisfying and retaining their customers?
  • Fashion industry is growing at rapid pace, but have you ever wondered about how we are equally responsible for the destructions it is causing?

The above essay starter examples show that how questions can be incorporated to start the essays. You can consult online sources for hook statements and introduction paragraphs.

Introduction Paragraph: Learn how to write engaging introductory paragraphs

Contextual Setting

Every discussion starts with a particular context in background, similarly an introduction paragraph contains some background knowledge about the topic and about the problem which the essay or paper will discuss in it. So, it is always crucial to learn the ways to start an essay which may not only grab the interest of the readers but may also retain them to get interested about studying the whole information.

The background knowledge or contextual setting is vital to acknowledge the reader about the importance of topic, by telling the reader about why it is significance to study the topic, and why the current research is being conducted by keeping in view the topic’s contextual importance. The background knowledge within the introduction paragraph can contain information about:

  • Background information essay can contain the historical facts and figures, which may provide evidence related to the significance of the topic and problem.
  • Background of an essay can include Information discussed and researched by previous researchers, related to the theories and definitions related to the topic.
  • Information related to contradictions or differences of opinions which other researchers have discussed previously, to make a counter argument.
  • Background essay can also contain historically or previously researched information, to extend the knowledge by adding new variables or theories, etc.

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Thesis Statement

Among the other parts of the introduction paragraph, the writer should incorporate a thesis statement to discuss the main topic and theme of the paper. It will describe that what main and specific area the research paper will cover and specifically how this paper will research the topic. Let’s check the Introduction paragraph with thesis statement example:

Social stratification has become a worldwide challenge, as hierarchical distribution and division of people based on their social and economic condition has become a common practice in every society. This division is not only based on the wealth, resources and power which others have but it has also become the base for defining that what resources, power, and opportunities will these people get (Oyekola, Isaac A., and Eyitayo O. 128).

The condition of this strata and division has challenged every society in terms of increasing inequality which has further aggravated the challenges like increased crime rates, social deviancy and injustices, etc. and it raises the concern for improvement, where the poor or lower class suffers more than the others. This research will explore the impacts of social stratification towards increasing socially deviant’ behaviors among people.

Defining Objectives and Scope

In order to define that how to make a good introduction paragraph, the focus should not only towards understanding that how to write background knowledge or thesis statement. But the good intro paragraph, also contains some information about the objectives and scope of the essay it will clearly define the reader about the aim of the research that why is it necessary to address the problem at hand, and what will the research gain at the end of the research.

Model introduction paragraph

Writing an essay introduction guides the reader properly about the ways using which the research will unfold its procedures and steps. It’s objectives and scope identify the importance that how reading this particular paper will help the reader in raising the understanding about the topic.


Define Problems and Questions

Starting an essay with a strong abstract and introduction, put an effective impact on the reader. So, the introductory paragraph format should be followed to make it effective and informative in precise way. So, the next step or important point to include in the introduction paragraph is to define the research problem clearly to the reader, along with the questions which the research or essay will answer.

Introduction paragraph examples about writing research problem or question include:

  • How our huge consumption of fashion products, contributing to environmental problems?
  • Why increased use of technology is badly affecting our habits and health?

Discussion of Main Points and Procedures

We have covered the main points about how to start a paper, which has identified the intro paragraph outline in detail. Overall, it covers all the necessary information about the essay or paper, including its procedures and framework. However, it does not need to include in-depth explanation about all the steps, but it should give a glance at the main points which the essay will cover.

The intro paragraph format discussed till now make it clear that the good ways to start an essay include all the steps which will tell the reader abut main points. The structure of an introduction paragraph mainly includes the hook statement at the beginning, then it incorporates a small background knowledge about the topic. Afterwards it provides the reader with the thesis statement and research problem which the research will answer.

How to Revise and Edit Introduction Paragraph Format

We have already discussed a lot about what is an introduction paragraph, now let’s move towards understanding that how we should we revise or edit our introduction paragraph. Here is the checklist to get it checked and edit it according to the needed improvements.

  • The hook statement has the capability to grab the interest of the reader.
  •  I have clearly followed the intro paragraph outline.
  • I have introduced the understanding of all important points and steps from the essay or paper.
  • I have incorporated the relevant and effective contextual information to support thesis statement and topic.
  • The reader will be able to understand the research problem addressed.
  • My thesis statement is clear and to the point.

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How do you start an essay?

It is crucial to write the essay carefully, as it must have the ability to attract and retain the reader. It should start with a hook statement which may develop an interest in the reader about reading the full paper.

How to write a personal essay introduction?

Personal essays are different from the other research based essays or papers, so their introduction section differs in respect of what to include and how to start. Personal essay introduction starts with a hook statement but it is effective to start the paragraph with an open ending sentence which may create curiosity for the reader. It starts with a personal statement which may include with a memory or with a feeling.

How long is an introduction paragraph?

Unlike abstract, introduction paragraph or paragraphs do not have any fixed length. It depends on the research paper length and details to be discussed within it. The introduction paragraphs or paragraphs’ length depends on the information which is needed to be added, and also upon the type of paper. Such as wither it is for dissertation or for an essay. Irrespective of the length, it must incorporate important information about the whole essay, except for writing about the results or outcomes achieved.

What are hooks to start an essay?

Hook statement is first of the essay introduction phrases, which is the most crucial part of an essay introduction template. As it is an effective tool to grab the reader’s attention if written effectively. It contains attractive statements, questions or quotations, which may engage the interest of the reader in effective way.

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