Food These Days

Food These Days

Food These Days

The food this generation knows as “food” is not what we exactly think. Not every edible thing that comes from the supermarket can be termed as food. The artificial colors and flavors added to the food products make them something more than safe food. A variety of such food is available in the market that has adverse effects on human health. To manage food for the growing population, we have come with strategies that may not be truly beneficial. The food industries give us a lot of such examples.

In order to produce food in huge quantities the industries have almost forgot about the quality. The food industries claim to produce hundred percent pure edible products but the additives in them are not safe and unhealthy for the human body.

Let’s take a small example of food these days  : the most famous vegetable around the world, the potatoes. When pesticides are sprayed over the potato fields, workers cannot enter the fields for five days. Potatoes from these fields must be stored for about six months to dissipate the effect of the pesticides(Connections). We can very well imagine the quality of such food and how safe they are for our health.

Hybrid foods are made by the mixing of different types of genes from various forms of a plant. To make these GMO’s sustainable and for improving the nutritive quality a lot is extracted and added to it. To increase the precocity, retention period and the resistance against diseases, chemicals are added that are not entirely beneficial for human health.

The GMO technology might have helped in increasing the quantity of food, but hazards it has brought along will have long lasting effects. To increase milk production in cattle modified bovine growth hormone is injected. It increases the quantity but also increases insulin like growth factor that causes the cancer cells to grow(Algan Ozkok).

Advertisements on televisions and newspapers merrily announce how their modified herbal products can add a life to our lives but little do we know about what hazards they can cause. Modified herbal products can undergo mutation that may lead to the production of toxins. These toxins can penetrate into the soil and enter neighboring plants as well(Mcclintock).

Food These Days

so food These days have toxins that have fatal effects. Potatoes can be genetically modified by using a viral Cauliflower mosaic virus. The chemical composition of such potatoes is very different from the normal potatoes and they have dangerous effects on the vital organs and immunity system of mice(Algan Ozkok).

With the ever increasing technology, we came forward with the idea of long-lasting canned food that can be used in a longer time span and is claimed to be friendly for human health as well but some studies show otherwise. Home-made canned food can cause botulism, a disease caused by bacteria called Clostridium botulinum. Along with other minor health issues, death may also be caused due to respiratory failure(Pal et al.).

Food These Days

Cost of Food:

For all the protesting you do about your week by week basic supply charge, the truth of the matter is you’ve never had it so great, at any rate as far as what you are paying for each calorie you are eating. As per the USDA, American people spend under 10% of the salary on nourishment, which is lower than 18% in 1966.

Those resources start with the amazing accomplishment of the one yield: Corn is ruler on American homestead, with each generation passing 12 billion. yearly, up from 4 billion bu. as of late as 1970. When we eat a a Chicken McNugget, cheeseburger, or drink soft drink, we’re eating corn that develops on immense, monocrop fields in Midwestern states like Iowa.

Be that as it may, modest nourishment isn’t free sustenance, and corn accompanies shrouded costs. The yield is intensely treated — both with synthetics like nitrogen and with sponsorships from Washington. Over the previous decade, the Federal Government has emptied more than $50 billion into the corn business, keeping costs for the harvest — at any rate until corn ethanol skewed the market — falsely low.

That is the reason McDonald’s can offer you Big Mac, fries and a Coke for around $5 — a deal, given that the dinner contains about 1,200 calories, the greater part the day by day suggested necessity for grown-ups.

For a certain something, not all nourishment is similarly modest; products of the soil don’t get a similar value underpins as grains(Walsh). In the American Journal, an investigation shows of Clinical Nutrition found that a dollar could purchase 1,200 calories of the potato chips or 875 calories of the soft drink however only 250 calories of vegetables or 170 calories of new organic product.

With the support of the administration, ranchers are creating more calories — approximately 500 more for every individual every day since the 1970s — however several are unfortunate calories. Given that, it’s nothing unexpected we’re so fat; it chiefly cost an excessive amount to be flimsy.


Superstores and markets are full of such food that is not recognizable by our ancestor and they may never categorize it as food. Technology these days have brought a lot benefits but the unchecked precedence in the food technology is also bringing the unseen suffering to humanity that may continue forever if left unconstrained.

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  • Introduction
  • Issues
  • Discussion
  • Conclusion & Recommendation
  • Reference


  • The economic contribution of festivals or events is widely known
  • The consistency in festival helps to increase the city branding
  • Strategic roles of government as stakeholder in festivals is very important factor Furthermore, the cultural festivals serve as a mode for entertainment for the foreigners to enjoy the local culture (9)


  • One of major stakeholders of project is the Local Government of the United Arab Emirates (UAE)
  • The Government has developed the Dubai Culture and Arts Authority (DCAA) in the 2008
  • Dubai is known for its culture and tradition in the world (1)
  • The purpose of DCAA is to preserve the culture heritage and support of cultural scene in Dubai
  • Furthermore, it was part of the Dubai’s 2015 strategy for cultural development
  • In order to organize the event at Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR), there is active involvement from DCAA authority is required


  • Since its creation, the DCAA has involved in various events such as
    1. I.R. Dubai (Annual art residency for artists) (2)
    2. SIKKA Art Fair (3)
    3. Al Maktoum Hospital Museum (4)
    4. Dubai Festival for Youth Theatre (5)
    5. Dubai Art Season (6)
    6. Dubai Metro Museum (7)
    7. Dubai Next (8)
  • Lack of legislation or policy in Dubai:

In the Abu Dhabi, the TCA authority plays important role in the cultural policy and framework regarding cultural events or festival. However, there is no such action in Dubai and there is no such body (even DCAA) involve regarding cultural policy in Dubai.

  • Security Risks:

In order to organize event at massive level and crowded place like JBR, there is always risk of security involved in it. From the literature, it was evident that collaborative actions of government with other public institutions like municipal bodies or police department can help to reduce such risks

  • Waste Management:

From the environmental perspectives, there is always waste production in large quantity during such cultural events due to involvement of local and foreigner crowds. Furthermore, there is no as such legislation available for management of wastes during such events. Furthermore, there is very limited number of waste management units in the Dubai.

  • Government and License:

The government plays a important role in the licensing the events as well as provision of services for the events. Furthermore, the investment is usually required and lack of government interest’s in the events can bring out the limited edition of cultural events which are only results in losing the audience’s interest for future events.


  • The government agencies such as the city, the police authority, tourism organization, and cultural authority are found to be influenced or effected stakeholders during the Swedish Festivals
  • The festivals such as Film festival, Global festivals, Jazz, Children festival and cultural festival were found to influence as well the government stakeholder in different departments as mentioned above in the Calgary Festival (9)
  • The government involvement in the events are proven to be constructive
  • The public sector is accountable to local citizens and the electorate rather than investors in the event management
  • The government of Scotland set up even a national events agency in order to promote the events for both national and international level to increase the growth and recognizing of its culture on world stage (10)


  • In the cultural festival of Denmark (Roskilde Festival), the government plays important role in providing the transport service, security and police, and licensing the event (10)
  • In that event, through the collaborative work between government and event manager, the revenue is generated
  • Based on the literature, the role of Government as stakeholder in the culture festival can be to (9)
    • Security for local and international audience as well as artists (Police)
    • Help to provide the municipal and other public services (City Authority)
    • Help to vacate the venue for the required period of time for festival (Area management)
    • Help to provide the government investment (local culture and arts authority)
  • Based on the literature from the festival management and stakeholders involvement, it was found out that
    • Government needs to work in harmony with other stakeholders as well in order to increase the impact of festivals
    • Since, Dubai is a small region as compared to other international tourists sites, it would be easy to manage the necessary steps
    • In conclusion, the Dubai government can help the management of festivals to increase the interest of tourists towards the local culture or arts
  • The government can adopt following suggestion to increase the city branding with the festivals
    • Invest more in DCAA and other relevant authority in order to provide maximum efforts towards cultural or heritage development
    • Creative ads to update the residents and foreigners regarding the upcoming festival event

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