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Why Pencils Are Better

There has been a war being raged between pencils and pens since centuries to determine the ruler of all writing instruments ever used in the history of writing. And I am a hundred percent sure pencils are going to win it. There is no doubt. Do you even know what pencils are capable of? Let me tell you;


Pencils are made of wood hence create less waste when no longer needed. They can also be easily recycled. Do you have any idea how much energy and other materials are used to make a pen that cannot be even recycled? Read all about it here. 


Pencils are used for drawing, sketching, and writing while the only benefit of a pen is that its marks are permanent.


 Pencil marks are erasable and hence any mistakes you make are *poof* gone. On the other hand, pen marks are erased in a manner that is untidy and leaves a dent in the surface as well as making the writer look fickle for all his/her crossed out sentences.


Pencils can be broken into two and shared with a friend. Can anyone break a pen in half and still make it work? Hah, don’t think so! The only thing that is broken with a pen involved is your friendship.


Pencil marks don’t need time to dry. Markers, felt pens et cetera often need a little time so that their wet marks do not smudge. 


Pencils can also be used in outer space and underwater. I would sincerely like to see an inexpensive pen do those things.


Pencils come in all shapes, sizes and color. With a pen, you only have the option of four color; red, blue, black and green. Fat pencils offer primary students better grip so that they can easily learn how to write.


Pencils never leave ink marks on your hands, clothes or bags. Imagine sitting in a meeting with ink smudges all over you. I assure you, you’ll be the one looking like a child playing pretend.


The fact that they can go through airport security undetected and turned into a weapon can be used in an argument. However there is such a low possibility of it happening. While there are situations where pencils cannot be used; writing in an exam (the answers can be changed after checking) or signing a document, there is no denying the fact that pencils are inexpensive and more beneficial in the long run.