Best Free Spell Check Software for Windows 10

Whether you are working on your essay or an important business email, you have to mind your grammar and spelling. You may create a superb essay that is well-structured and covers the topic, but you won’t get a good grade because it includes various mistakes and misprints. No matter whether you are a native English speaker or English is your second language, you simply can’t do without spell checking tools.

English is highly spoken across the world. Moreover, it’s a must-have communication tool crucially important for business relationships. Today, it’s an official business language. Therefore, you have to be very attentive when sending emails to your business partners. In this post, we’ll review the best free spell checkers for Windows 10. Get comfortable and have a look!

It’s a powerful solution that you may use to make sure your emails or essays are free from errors. All you have to do is insert the text into a required field and wait until the software processes your text. This procedure usually lasts for a few seconds. All spelling errors will immediately be highlighted in red color. Right-click on them, and you’ll see all possible correct suggestions.

There’s no need to download and install this tool. You can use it online from absolutely any device.


This tool has numerous benefits. However, it is not free. Let’s begin with the basics. The main goal of Grammarly is to make sure your content is error-free, easy to read, and effective. Its free version runs as an extension for the Google Chrome browser. This means that the software monitors your spelling while working on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or any other social networking website.

When you buy a premium subscription, you can use Grammarly to check your emails, letters, blog posts, etc. The tool will highlight the mistakes and suggest how to improve them. Moreover, it also allows you to store your docs in their online editor.


Seems like every writer has heard about this tool at least once in a lifetime. Reverso’s primary goal is correcting mistakes and refining your text content. Sometimes, it is also used as an online translator. The key objective of the grammar service is correcting spelling and grammar mistakes.

The software has a clear interface; you only need to paste your letter or essay and press the check button. It will immediately start analyzing the text. All the errors will be highlighted. The software also suggests substituting misused words, hyphens, commas, etc. But the most significant benefit of this solution is the fact that it can be used as a browser extension on your computer or mobile device.


If the above-mentioned tools don’t meet your requirements, you can test the functionality of WhiteSmoke – a worthy grammar checker that is suitable for all devices. Its key objective is to check your texts for spelling, grammar, and lexical mistakes. You can also install this tool on your Android keyboard to avoid typos.

However, the main advantage of this solution is that it can find duplicate content; there’s an installed plagiarism checker that can poorly influence your rankings. If necessary, you can also opt for their translation service; there’s an inbuilt translator that supports 45 languages.

Another benefit of Whitesmoke is the capability to use it for free. There’s no need to purchase a subscription.


It’s a foremost solution for those who value their reputation and want to avoid misprints and grammar mistakes. It’s a popular spell-checker that generates results within 15 seconds. It shows not only spelling mistakes but can also correct text and syntax structure. Moreover, there’s no need to undergo a time-consuming registration procedure or download this tool on your device. You can access it from any device with a stable internet connection. It’s one of the best free spell checkers that offers advanced results. PaperRater is available for free.

It’s up to you to decide what tool to use. However, you shouldn’t neglect this issue. Remember that sometimes, your reputation depends on your letters, business emails, or academic essays. Well, no one will hire you if your resume includes a variety of mistakes or misprints. Pick the tool that suits your needs and always use them. Moreover, most of them are available as browser extensions. Once installed, it will always be keeping a wary eye on your mistakes!

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