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What is Abstract Writing | Learn through Examples and Templates -January-2024

Abstract writing is like an art of discussing the main points from a large paper, which will show the simple but quality’ picture of the whole paper. It allows the readers to identify the main points which the whole research paper will discuss in it, and make it easy for them to choose the paper of their interest. This is why abstract writing is crucial for the researchers and writers, as it provides a glimpse of the ideas which the large research paper will discuss in detail.

Abstract for research paper, discusses all the necessary information about the paper, related to what the research problem is, how the researcher conducted the research, and what results the researcher found out. Overall, abstract in research guides the reader about what to expect from the research paper, and how much helpful the research paper will be for them or for their own research.

However, the abstract length is usually fixed which ranges the word length between 150 words to 200 words, whereas a thesis abstract can be written within 200-250 words but the length should not exceed than this. Within this word length, the overall summary of the paper can be written within the abstract, but it must be adhering to the main points and steps.

Example of Abstract Writing

Importance of Abstracts for Research Papers

What does abstract mean? The literal meaning says that abstract is something which has no concrete existence but is like an idea. Let’s construct the idea about writing an abstract from this literal meaning. So, it is a kind of idea which the writer provides to the reader related to what he is going to read and what will be included in that piece of writing.

Abstract writing is crucial for the writers and researchers, either they are writing research papers or long dissertations. It provides a simplified summary of the whole research paper which saves much time of the readers, who can easily grasp the main problem within the paper and can easily consult the important information from the research paper. It makes it easy for them to decide about either to read the research paper or to leave.

Whenever the writers or researchers write abstract they know that the overall purpose is to discuss the main points, except for writing vague details about the paper. So, it tells the readers in advance that what to expect from the paper, what information it will provide to them, and what implications will it offer. So, it is a kind of an abstracted outline which tells the reader in advance that what steps the researcher has utilized to conduct the research and to find the particular results.

What is Abstract Writing | Learn through Examples and Templates -January-2024 1

This acknowledges the reader that how much relevant or useful is the paper, to their interest and demand. So, abstract in research paper is a kind of journey which the reader makes about the overall paper, which demands much time to get it read. This is why abstract writing demands care and focus of the writers, so that they may retain their readers by providing them all the important information which they need to read.


Abstract Writing for Research Papers

Abstract writing for a research paper is not at all a difficult task if one knows about what to include within it, by not exceeding the word limit. Mainly the steps to be included while writing an abstract remain the same, either you are writing an abstract in an essay, of a thesis, or of any research article. However, the difference lies in the information which you need to include, but the main focus should always be upon the main themes and points which will sketch the overall important picture of the paper.

An abstract for essay, incorporates the main information which the essay discusses. This summarizes all the steps and information which essay has talked about, starting from the thesis statement or research problem, to the conclusion and implications. Whereas, the dissertation abstract includes the information related to the main theme of the research paper, along with the framework it utilized for conducting the research. Moreover, it incorporates the summary of the results and main implications of the study.


Template for Abstract Writing

Similarly, when you are writing a report and you need to write an abstract of a report, it will summarize the main problem or purpose of the report for which the report has been conducted. After that the writer will discuss the procedure which he/she utilized for gathering and analyzing the data. At the end the writer will summarize the main findings which he/she has found.

Sometimes, a research methodology is based on reviewing the literature in that case the writer gets confused about how to write an abstract for a literature review. Nothing to worry about it, as it might be slightly different from the other abstract for papers, but not much difficult. Here the writer needs to write the information from the literature review but it should be well organized and step by step patterned. Here you will use the important points from reviewed literature but you will write about your own analysis without citation.

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Points to be Included in Abstract 

Overall, in order to understand about how to write an abstract for a research paper, the following steps should be followed while writing an abstract:

  • Be specific while writing an abstract and focus on the main theme and topic of your research paper. Start your abstract with the main theme on which the whole research article is based.
  • Clearly define the research problem which the research talks about. Specifically define the objective of the research that why this problem is important to be discussed or researched.
  • Define the methodology or framework which the researcher has used to conduct the research.
  • Discuss the main findings or results which the research has found out.
  • If important, write a sentence about the implications of the study.


What makes a Good Abstract| What to Avoid?

If abstract writing was just about providing the important information wo the reader, then what distinguishes a good written abstract from the ineffectively written abstract. It’s all about learning how to write an effective abstract. In order to make it effective concentrate on following below mentioned abstract writing tips.

  • Keep using simple and understandable writing while abstract writing. Avoid long sentences, with vague information.
  • Only include the important points, except for adding general information by keeping in mind the rule about how long is an abstract.
  • Remain strict about the length of an abstract which should not exceed the limit. Remain between the words limit 200-250 words.
  • Do not include any other information or aspects which the research does not incorporate or which is contrary to what has been discussed within the research paper. For example, do not include any information within the abstract paragraph about the results or findings which you have not mentioned within the research.
  • Always write the abstract at the end, after you have written your essay or after you have written your research paper. As it defines the information about what has been done.
  • While keeping in view that what goes into an abstract, don’t forget that in what way it should be written. Such as the main theme and objective of the research should be written in present tense. Whereas the information about the procedures used within the essay, and about the results found out by the research, should be written in past tense.

However, in order to understand more about how to write an effective abstract for a research paper the writer should also keep in mind about what to avoid while writing an abstract. While writing abstract in research do not write too much general information, be specific and focus on important points.
Try to include the main points and do not discuss things in much detail, as the purpose of writing abstracts in research papers is to provide the reader with short summary and not with detailed discussion.


Also, avoid citations and discussion of previous literature. Throughout your writing, never forget about what to put in an abstract and what to avoid, unlike your literature review or other parts of your research, you cannot cite outside source. As your abstract only talks about the research you have done not about what others say about it.

An abstract should not be vaguely organized, because it matters a lot that what does an abstract look like. If it will be disorganized, in which information will not provide the reader with the adequate understanding it will restrain the reader from reading more and reading the paper.

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Don’t make it to lengthy. Never get yourself confused about the abstract versus introduction conflict. There is a difference between an abstract and introduction, as introduction talks about the topic and procedures in detail, whereas abstract just includes the important points which should be known to the reader before reading the full paper. Avoid abstract concepts which are not linked to your research, be specific and research-oriented.

Learn Abstract Writing with the Help of Abstract Template

You can find sample abstract online offered by different writers and websites, but is it sufficient to get the actual idea about what you are writing and what should be included in an abstract? Here learn about how you can write an effective abstract with the help of abstract template.

You can easily write a perfect example of an abstract by putting the information in the template. So, whatever the research topic is, you can simply add the information in the abstract template at the end when you finish your research. Every step must contain maximum 2-3 sentences within it, so that you can retain yourself within the perfect length of an abstract.

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Abstract Example

Often people get confused even after getting through the various abstract examples, but learning it with the help of template will make it easy for you to learn easily. Here you will find the example of abstract by putting information in the template discussed above. So, in whatever language you want to write the abstract, you can follow the same pattern. Such as if you want to write Abstract in Spanish, you can simply follow the steps and change the language.

The socioeconomic impacts of COVID-19 have equally disturbed the people and economies, all around the world. Similarly, it has posed various challenges to the fashion industry and to fashion brands. The pandemic has exposed the power imbalances and the careless attitude of various renowned brands, in terms of increasing the favorability of cheap labor and also in terms of showing careless attitude towards the suppliers and labor.

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This research paper has critically analyzed the data collected from the interviews conducted from the suppliers, along with the data collected from the reviewed literature. From the collected data, the research analyzed the data to understand that how during COVID-19 situation fashion industry has contributed towards financially and socially disturbing the suppliers and the labor. The research found out that with the delayed payments made by the fashion brands and industry, along with the cancelation of orders by the brands without prior notices, have contributed to heavy losses, exploitation, and disturbances in the livelihood of the labor and suppliers.

This COVID situation has changed the future prospects for the fashion industry in which awareness among people, and changes in prioritizing the consumption have changed the way people choose products and brands. Moreover, here arises the need for controlling such power imbalances which stratify the people of the society.



What is an abstract?

Abstract is the collection of all the important details from the research paper of essay, which the reader can read to check the relevancy of the paper according to his/her interest and requirement. So abstract writing, is all about writing the details effectively and specifically, by remaining within the limits of abstract length.

Is an Abstract a Summary?

Abstract is said to be a short summary of a research paper, of any essay or of any thesis. Whereas, it differs from the summary in respect of limiting the information which can be included in it. Summary has no rules about what can be included in it and what not, whereas, an abstract has strict rules regarding what to be included in it. Similar to abstract example, summary is also the precise and short detail about the topic and about the paper but abstract is more specific and direct.

How Writing a Research Abstract Is Different from Writing a Conclusion?

Writing an abstract is different from writing a conclusion, in respect of writing the information within them. Abstract writing is to tell the reader wat the researcher has discussed in the research and how he is going to conduct the research to analyze the data. Writing an abstract is more concerned with telling the important steps taken and utilized within the research. Whereas conclusion writing is more concerned about telling the reader about what the research has achieved after conducting the research and where the research lacks or limits.

Is abstract writing for research paper, different from the abstract writing for research proposal?

Abstract writing for research papers, is highly different from abstract writing for research proposal, as research paper abstract is being written after the research is finished, whereas the research proposal abstract is being written before the conduction of research. Unlike other research abstracts, the research proposal abstract includes the details about the main topic which is to be discussed within the research, the objective of the research that why there is the need to address the particular problem, and it also talks about the future steps regarding utilizing the framework and procedures for conducting research. So, overall abstract writing is all about showing the importance and significance of the research.

What are the main parts of an abstract?

The main parts of an abstract include the detail about specific problem to be addressed, telling about the framework and methodology which will be utilized to conduct the research, results found by the research, and showing the significance and implications of the research for future studies and researchers.

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