A Two Days No Video Challenge

A Two Days No Video Challenge

A Two Days No Video Challenge

These days, it is the world of social media and every social media platform offers a variety of videos. They pop up on their own and start playing. Some videos are often interesting. Also, then we have YouTube and other channels where we can go and watch a video of our own choice. We have video games, movies and whatnot that can serve as entertainment. For me, it was not difficult to break away from all video because as it was weekend and I went back to Abu Dhabi where I spent my time with my family.

I was busy with all those hangouts, dinners, and family gatherings. I did not have enough time to watch videos. Usually, I watch videos as I am a photographer, so videos are part of my work. But when it came to this challenge, I did not watch any video and I felt quite good as I was with my family. For me, family matters a lot and when we all are together, I cannot even think of watching videos. Therefore, I would say it was easy for me to break away from all the videos in our two days challenge.

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It was easy for me because I am already not much into videos and all. I pass my free time reading books because it is more what I am. I am not much interested in watching videos. The challenge turned out to be easy for me because I know how to have control over myself also, I had no time for social media or any video games. Also, when I am not with my family, I prefer doing stuff that brings me that makes me feel better. I do not believe in wasting time because I know its worth.

I learned that I am not much affected when I don’t watch videos. It was not like that I got bored or I found myself depressed. I know that I am not used to videos and that the reason that the challenge was not at all difficult for me. I am not saying that I do not watch videos at all. Obviously, I watch videos and I am active on social media platforms. But what I mean is its not something like an addiction for me and I am not one of those who spend hours watching videos. I learned that it was all correct for me when I did not watch any videos for two days.

I love to spend time with people as well. I think socializing is a very important thing. It keeps you connected with people. However, these day social media platforms have taken us away from family gatherings and socializing. All we know is how to stay connected through social media platforms and believe this sort of connection is not healthy. Throughout my challenge, I was surrounded by people I love. Before going to bed, I usually go through my Instagram but, since it was a no video challenge, so I read a good book instead of watching videos. For me, my freed-up time was dedicated to books and the things that really make me feel better.


A Two Days No Video Challenge

I was able to find a productive activity as I had a new book to spend my leisure time with. I have so many books and I believe it is my nature that I find myself more relaxed when I read books. It has always been a source of pleasure for me and I am not alt all addicted to videos. I did not spend my time longing for a screen because I was surrounded by my loved ones. I felt this challenge as meditation because whatever little I do on social media I was even all away from that and that served as a detoxifying agent.

I usually put away my phone when I am with my family. I would say, I truly enjoyed my time because I was all away from videos. I am not always on phone but still, there is a part of my life where I have to watch videos as it is the demand for my work. However, this challenge turned out super satisfying and I was not at all bored without watching videos.

There was no change in our conversations because usually, I am not into such activities that take me away from people. I am not one who is always into phone or games or movies. I love to interact with people.
It was a two days challenge and the two days was the weekend. It was not a long period but, it was a short duration challenge. There were no alterations and we exactly followed it the way it was decided.

I would place myself at 1 that says “I Control Video” because I did control on it. I am not an addicted person, so I was successfully able to control video watching. I know how to manage things and I am very good at time management. I do not find videos attractive, instead, I prefer one to one conversation. I felt this challenge as a meditation for me because for two days I was all away from any sort of video and I successfully completed my challenge.

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