Best Apps For College Students

9 Best Apps to Use for College Students

If you’re studying in a college or had already graduated from it, you’ll agree that it’s no easy deal. Even the most hard-working and committed personalities give up and start seeking ways to facilitate their burden. Some students decide what disciplines matter and place emphasis on studying them. And to not let other disciplines slide, they opt for professional assistance from academic writing services.

If you never heard about it, open Google and type in the query “Write my essay fast” to see how many websites offer help with papers and assignments. But it’s not the only solution. Those students who aim to deal with their problems on their own and need other kinds of assistance, decide to benefit from using digital technologies. The opponents of mobile phones and various gadgets may give thousands of arguments against using it, but all of them have no justification.

Students must enjoy this stage of life because it’s their best time. Why should they wallow in routine, when it’s possible to use the blessings of civilization to free some time and do ordinary tasks more quickly? Using smartphones does more good than harm if a person can filter the information he or she consumes. All students who’ll read this article will never want to return to the previous way of life. We want to increase student achievements. That’s why we collected the top apps for them.

The Most Necessary Apps in Studying

If you tried to find high-quality software that can assist you and didn’t know how to start, the following list is for you. We did our best to collect the apps rated high by users. Some of them are free, others are paid, but we guarantee that each dollar you pay is worth the result. Moreover, we tried to collect the cheap ones to save money. Let’s explore the apps that are worth using.

1. If you have to write an academic assignment, such as an essay, dissertation, or research paper, you must know that the absence of plagiarism is the basic requirement for it. Use Copydesks to check all your papers, and be sure that you get a good grade. If you aren’t sure of your ability to write authentic essays, find an expert writer and leave a request like: “Write my essays fast” to get custom paper.

Google Calendar

Planning is an important part of the learning process. Instead of using paper planners that occupy a lot of space, download this app that will become your helper. All your notes are at hand with this app.

Exam Countdown Lite

If you can’t keep track of the several events at the same time, this app can help you to do it. You don’t need to purchase this tool because it’s free. Enter the date of your test or exam and see how many months, days, or hours remain.

4. Those who register on many websites and then can’t remember their passwords to log in must download this app on their smartphone and computer. LastPass is the confidential service that keeps your passwords private, and only you can get access to them. If you download the online extension, it will suggest you fill in the login and password fields on the website, but on the condition that the information was saved in LastPass.

Scanner Pro

This app costs only $4, so it’s affordable even for students. If you don’t want to write something down by hand, you may open this app and use your camera as a scanner that will save the digital version of the document. Buy it to understand the benefits it gives to you.

6. Academic writing presents many challenges. Besides the fact that your paper should be non plagiarized; it should also comply with the strict requirements. The process of creating a bibliography can bore even the person who adores academic writing. EasyBib can automatically make citations in the most widespread formatting styles.

7. If you have any urgent tasks and don’t want to spend a lot of time editing, download this app to quickly improve the quality of your writing. Grammarly corrects mistakes and makes text-sound perfect. Try the free version, and you will spare no money on buying premium. Moreover, if you catch the sale or discount, you’ll buy it cheaper. Those who think that it’s too expensive may find professional writers, leave a message “Write my essay cheap” and get cheap assistance if you need it.

8. This app lets you communicate with native speakers of the language you’re studying. If you feel that classes in college don’t give you enough knowledge, you must obtain this knowledge on your own. Making yourself do assignments in textbooks is a challenge, and only a few students can overcome it. The same cannot be said about the use of this app.

9. Writing notes by hand is an outdated and tiring practice that gives almost no benefit to students. You may do it on your phone, tablet pc and even laptop. Evernote is the app that lets you organize your notes the way you want and get access to them at any time and from any device.

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